Monday, October 19, 2009

Its finished!!

Here is the laptop bag all finished.

I took the bag outside to photograph the inside. It is a wonderful, sunny day here and there are lots of flowers out. It took longer than I anticipated to finish the bag because of the binding on all the inside seams. One side is machined, but I handstitched the second side down.

The pattern I used is Simplicity 3889. There are 2 style of bag and a slip cover pattern included.
My husband would like me to make him one now.....just not in bright pink!!!

With a deal of trepidation, I recently made my first ever purchase on the Internet. Of course it was fabric!! Look what arrived in the mail...............

It only took 10 days to travel from America to Australia and I was much relieved when it arrived safely!
Theses Rouenneries fabrics are going to be used in a class I am taking with Sue Daley next month. We will be making Sue's Waterloo quilt. I can't wait!!

I am still very much supporting our local quilt shops with my fabric purchases. I loved the pink polished cotton so much I went back to get some more. I discovered a couple more colourways and another spotted design as well.

I have found a new project where some of these fabrics will be used. This morning I signed up for this! Kellie's Quilt Along looks like lots of fun. I always love learning new techniques too!

On Friday I met my sister in the city. She came from the countryside for a day of chatting, window shopping and looking at architecture. We tried the new Lindt chocolate cafe......yum!!!, did lots of walking...........and talking, taking photographs and a little shopping.

Below is one corner of St Paul's Cathedral.

The last 2 photographs were taken in Royal Arcade. (Another chocolate cafe there on the left!!! time maybe!!) The clock on the right strikes every hour and is guarded by Gog and Magog, 2 mythical giants.


  1. I am loving your laptop case..its great! I am dissapoointed that your hubby didnt want the pink fabric tho heheheh and I love the fabric you bought...a girl cant have enough fabric I reckon :)

  2. I am sure you will get confident at shopping online........but it is not the same as visiting a shop but then I don't have any close by.........

  3. Great case that you made. I order from the internet all the time for fabric and have been rarely displeased. I have no local shops though so it is a must for me. Chocolate shops sound wonderful.!

  4. Wow love the Waterloo quilt!! I'm looking forward to watching your make this beauty.


  5. Your laptop bag is just adorable! Love the fabrics you purchased here from America.

  6. Heidi is one lucky girl to be getting this beautiful laptop bag! Love the fabrics you used.
    I'm with Crispy on the Waterloo quilt...can't wait to watch you make it.

    So glad you and your sister had a great day. Wonderful architecture!

  7. The computer bag turned out just great.
    Yes, that would be a little scary waiting for the fabric to cross the ocean. Glad it got to safe and sound.