Thursday, December 10, 2009

Woo Hoo!!!!

I spent the afternoon sewing pinwheel blocks.......on my sewing machine.

I usually sew everything by hand, but I want to get some things finished quickly, so I decided to sew these blocks by machine.

Well.....................the first block was a disaster!!! It is so out of shape after being unpicked about 10 times the only place for it is in the bin! I could not get my centre points to line up. Very frustrating!! After trying a combination of hand and machine stitching I finally figured what I was doing wrong. Goodness, hand sewing has such a different result to machining! Just a couple of threads one way or the other and you have perfection......or a mess!!!!

The second block (above) worked the first time! Yay!!!!

Below is the third block.

I have it figured out now!!

I did a little fabric shopping late last week and found some fabric I had never seen before. This is Liberty wool!!! It is very fine and drapes beautifully. After Christmas I will be making a skirt from it. I also found plain Liberty cotton, something I have never seen before here. Unfortunately they only had one colour, and only one metre left on the roll. It came home with me! :)

Here is our sewing buddy. Isn't she gorgeous!!


Its hard work watching all the sewing!

The pineapple doily under the vase was made by my Great Grandmother.

I was out in the car early this morning and I was pleased to see a few cars with their headlights on.


  1. Congrats on you pinwheels!!! They look great! I love your sewing buddy, those eyes will probably follow you everywhere hihi. Have a well-lit day today!!! Hugs XXXD

  2. Your Pinwheels are gorgeous. I have a sewing buddy too. He is a golden Labrador who was a very sick boy at the beginning of the weekbut after a very expensive vet session is still my sewing buddy. I would just miss him so much. He lies right in front of the ironing board right in the way. But that is his job :-)

  3. You did a terrific job on those centers! I always manage to mess them up. Looks great!


  4. Clever Chick! Love the look of the Liberty wool!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Gorgeous pinwheels...beautifully done.

  6. Oh My your pinwheels are perfect, it would take me forever to machine piece that perfectly...I'll stick with hand piecing :0)

    Your sewing buddy is adorable, such a happy face LOL.


  7. Your pinwheel blocks are beautiful! Perfect, perfect points!

  8. Great pinwheels, they are one of my favourite blocks. I love your quilting buddy!!! xo

  9. That is very interesting how sewing by hand and by machine can get such different results. Glad you figured it out and your blocks are just perfect.
    A beautiful doily.

  10. Sometimes, it is easier to do things by hand as you can ease the material in to come out perfect. Glad that you figured it out by machine. I made that same doily years ago .... it is heart warming to see that some things never change. Lucky you to have something your GGmother made and what a treasure you have.

  11. Love the pinwheel blocks and the company you keep.

  12. I had no idea Liberty made wool. I have a small group of Liberty cotton FQs that I take out and fondle from time to time. They will be for some special project someday . . . .

  13. Your pinwheels look great. And well done for pulling things out and starting again!

  14. A big who hoo on figuring out the pinwheels. There are several tutorials on the internet as to how to make them but you finally figured it out on your own.