Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another top finished

I have finished this quilt top for my sister. I intend to hand quilt it. There is quite a detailed design on the pattern, so it will take a while even though the top is only about 40 inches square.

While reading blogs this week I have come across lots of interesting posts.

First of all I can't say no to a good brownie!! Anna of Thimbleanna posted about a very delicious looking brownie. After scrolling down I discovered Anna had kindly included the recipe.

I made a couple of modifications. I love walnuts, so I used walnuts instead of pecans. The recipe also calls for shortening and I believe in USA this means Crisco shortening which is a solid, white product which is 100% vegetable fat. Crisco shortening (or anything similar) is not easily available here in Australia, so I substituted butter.

I can guarantee you will get an amazing brownie using all butter!!! lol

Also this week I found a post on Michele Hill"s blog about a giveaway of a quilt pattern of hers. The pattern was several years old and Michele found 3 copies she kindly offered.
Well, Michele is a very generous lady and she posted out 20 copies of this wonderful pattern!!! :)

The style of this quilt goes perfectly with another of Michele's patterns I have.

Below is a sneak peek of the last basket blocks of the Waterloo quilt. Instead of paper piecing several small squares and triangles as shown in the pattern I decided to fussy cut some of the birds from the Rouenneries bird toile fabric Ranette sent to me.

I have 2 more baskets blocks to finish, then all I have to do is sew on the last border and I will have another top finished!! Yay!

I think I have caught the "bug". Spools!! They all began with Ingrid here....and it seems the spool bug is spreading like wildfire all around the world! Ingrid has a pattern on her blog. So far she has made over 500 and there are lots of others who join her on Saturdays to sew their own spools.

The fabric below arrived last week from here. They are only small pieces of fabric, so I hope I can keep my addiction to this very small stash!

Here is a photo of the same bromeliad from a previous post opened a little more.

A white fuchsia, just for Danielle. :)

Don't forget my giveaway!! (see previous post) You have until tomorrow (Sunday) evening AEST to enter.
Thank you to all the wonderful people who have already entered and left lots of lovely comments. Good luck to all of you!

Thunder is rumbling here and I hope we get a huge downpour. We really need the rain.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh, I am SO going to make those brownies with all butter instead of with Crisco -- what a fun comparison that will be. Someone also suggested leaving out the baking powder to make them a little more fudgy -- I might try that too. Your brownie looks delicious!

    And you've been bitten by the spool bug! I can't wait to see yours!

  2. Miriam,
    You have made me hungry and it is nearly midnight here and I am at Jennifer's house (she is sick) keeping an eye on her. She has nothing in this house to make brownies with :) She is a great pharmacist but does not cook much :)
    I hope the email I sent you came ... I was having trouble on my wireless laptop. Please let me know if you didn't get it.
    Your quilts are going to be lovely and your sister is so lucky for you to make her one!
    I would like to try a spool quilt as soon as the wedding is over. Oh and your flowers are gorgeous. I checked my garden too see if I had any bulbs popping through the soil and no I didn't ... maybe soon :)

  3. Hi Miriam,
    as my diet starts tomorrow, I think I could make brownies today.And spools, when am I going to start spools? I have dozens of UFOs and plans for dozens of years, but how can I resist those lovely spools. I think I'll start tomorrow, maybe.One UFO more, who cares.
    Last year I had several fuchias in my garden, but yet are only few daffodils popping.I can't wait for spring any more.I WANT SUN!
    Keep sewing and smiling,

  4. www.villa-loredana.blogspot.comMarch 6, 2010 at 5:57 PM

    Hello dear, thanks I just take your brownies plus coffee for a caffe break today in the library. Congratulation for all the nice work, in a lot on handy made we are similar , from knitting to crochet and .....

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilting pattern to be used on your sister's lovely quilt. Love the bromeliad flower, I've never seen one of those before.


  6. I like your fussy cut basket blocks!

  7. I looked at the links you gave and found some new places to visit -- love your flower photos.
    I always love brownies!

  8. You always have the most beautiful flowers.

  9. Oooo Miriam, you remembered!! The fuchsia is just lovely! Like a little balerina!! The top is great, as are the toile birds, the blue/green fabrics are like spring, and the brownies .... well, mouthwatering hihi!! So the klosjes bug has reached you, oh dear, what has to become of you hihi! Have a nice weekend, take care, hugs, Daniëlle XXXD

  10. Great post Miriam! The brownies look so yummy that I'm really tempted to go and make some now.

    The bird baskets look beautiful and I love the pretty flowers and your new fabric.

    Your sister will love her's beautiful and I'm excited to see it quilted.