Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It has been a while.....

......quite a bit of my sewing time in the last couple of weeks has been taken up making this Morrell Quilt block. That 10 inch block has 193 pieces in it! The centre octogon was appliqued on, but all the rest is hand pieced. Twenty blocks to go now!

I haven't had as much sewing time as I would have liked recently, so I have only managed a little progress on some projects.

We have had some sunshine today so I took my latest hexie for One Flower Wednesday outside to photograph.

Two more Joseph Coat blocks are finished. I have 22 completed now.

I have always wanted to make an album quilt and I have seen some very tempting traditional quilts, but I haven't seen one that I would really love to make.

Look at this version of an album quilt..............

The Roseville Album is Kim McLean's latest pattern. I succumbed! Pam and Kathie have started the quilt. Pam has created a blog just for Kim McLean quilts. Glorious Applique is a feast for the eyes. :)
I'm not sure when I will start this quilt......I have a few WIP to get finished first. lol

A rosemary flower in the sunshine in my garden this morning.


  1. What a lovely Morell block.And the Joseph coat blocks very nice.

  2. Lovely to see a post from you. I have purchased the Morrell pattern, not sure when I will begin but love seeing what you are up to with it.
    Lovely post

  3. Wow! Your block is just beautiful. I love red and those fabrics are real beauties. You have done such a nice job with your hand-piecing. It's gorgeous!

  4. Oh Miriam your Morrell block is amazing! I love the colors :o) and the piecing is perfect!

    The Joseph Coat blocks and the hexie flower are so pretty too.

    I think the Roseville Album quilt is the "end all" for applique lovers and I'll be excited to follow the progress on this one.

  5. Beautiful blocks Miriam!! I'm waiting for Sprigs and Stars to be released then I'm buying several of Kim's patterns. She's an amazing designer.


  6. I love the Morrell quilt block! What precise hand piecing....beautiful!

  7. The red and white block is incredible! Beautiful work.

  8. What a lovely blocks you have made! You have great plans with that stunning album quilt pfff, looooots of stitches there hihi! But when that little voice inside you say: yes, that's the one, than go for it!! It's the one you have been waiting for! Enjoy, hugs, Daniëlle

  9. what a beautiful block wow so perfect!
    the josephs coat blocks are so pretty, great fabric choices...
    oh isn't the Roseville album quilt tempting!

  10. Miriam,
    Just gorgeous! I can't wait to see more. Your Joseph's Coat blocks are beautiful as well.

  11. Your Morrell block is just beautiful and so precisely stitched - well done with all those tiny pieces.

  12. Welcome back, I guess I know what's kept you busy. Your block is amazing, I don't know if I would have stayed with it. Great job.

  13. wow pleased you made that block.........lots of pieces but it looks great..........

  14. I don't think I could finish that amazing block. For that matter, the pattern you picked out is so intimidating, I need medication.

    You rule!

  15. Miriam, that block is so amazing... gorgeous! I would even frame it!
    And that album quilt... oh, my! I have seen some of kathie's... (when I grow up as a quilter, perhaps! in the meantime I swoon...)
    Lovely hexi-flower! and the JC's colours are a delight!
    ...and you say you haven't had much time for stitching! :)

  16. Wow, seems to me you are still getting plenty done. All these blocks are fabulous Miriam. I love the photo of your hexi in the tree. I can't wait to get started on Roseville, will you make it? xo

  17. You made some beautiful blocks, I love them and the new quilt you're starting is also amazing, you flower is blooming well in your garden.


  18. Mmmm. I admire your commitment to your Morrell project. The block is beautiful, Miriam!

    Love yout Joseph's Coat blocks too.

    And, thank you for the shout out. ; )

  19. Your Morrell block is lovely...beautifully stitched! Love your Joseph blocks too.