Monday, February 21, 2011

A day with Kaffe and Brandon..

...yes, THAT Kaffe and Brandon!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a whole day workshop with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably at Amitie here in Melbourne.

The room was filled with many lovely ladies (and a 3 gentlemen!), anticipation, colourful fabric, music, lots of chatter (and some singing!), yummy food, laughter, inspiration, learning and discovery.

There were a couple of familiar faces there! :)
Cathy from Cabbage Quilts and Andi from Patch Andi.

We all worked on our own version of Kaffe's  Bordered Diamonds quilt from his book with Liza Prior Lucy, Simple Shapes and Spectacular Quilts.

The friendly staff at Amitie were kept busy cutting fabric, making endless cups of tea and coffee and provided us with delicious food.

Even though most people chose to use predominantly fabrics designed by Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably or Philip Jacobs there was a huge difference in the look of each quilt.
One lady chose to use all Liberty fabrics, another used florals with metallic highlights and a couple of others used quite different fabrics.

I had never used a design wall before. Here is the beginning of my quilt.

The beginning of my design.
An extra row of diamonds added.
With some of the borders added.

I chose a pallete of blues and greens with a hint of pink. I usually procrastinate over fabric choices and I feel intimidated by colour, especially saturated colour such as in these fabrics.
Both Kaffe and Brandon walked around the room offering advice and fabric suggestions.

We worked very quickly and almost everyone had the fabric chosen, cut and placed for their quilt by the middle of the afternoon. I chose the colours of my borders by picking the fabric I would usually least likely chose.

By the end of the afternoon I this is what I had.

During the last hour of the day Kaffe walked around the room and critiqued each quilt. Often the most unexpected combinations of fabrics worked the best.

Kaffe also stayed around to sign books.

Me and Kaffe Fassett!!

We all had a wonderfully inspiring day. The room was full of energy. I was exhausted by the time I got home, but I came home with a brand new confidence in my ability to work with colour!
It was a great day! :)  I feel very lucky and priviledged that I had the opportunity to learn from such masters of colour!


  1. It looks like you had a wow of a time in class, I love your colours very much. I've seen one version with Japanese fabrics that looked gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all the pics and nice to put a face to your name too.

  2. how exciting.......the workshop would have been your quilt.........

  3. Wow! What an eventful and exciting day.
    It isn't often that you get to work with the experts. I like your choice of colours. You neglected to tell us what Kaffe said about your work. What was the best advice about choosing colour?

  4. Your quilt was so lovely! So glad you had a great day - I had a blast too!! I hope there's a next time! :D

  5. Hi Miriam, great to meet you and a fabulous write up on a fabulous day

  6. It's so fun seeing all of these Kaffe reports this week. I LOVE LOVE the colors you've chosen. And you're just adorable there with Kaffe!

  7. How very exciting! And how lovely to see you too! :0)

  8. Whowww, do I see some pink?? Together with the blue and green!!! It is great!!! Have a happy sewing day, hugs, Daniëlle

  9. You are indeed a lucky girl. And your quilt is gorgeous!! How I would love to have my work critiqued by a master!

  10. How wonderful you wer able to take the class!

  11. I love seeing all of the photos and reading stories from all of you girls that spent time with Kaffe, Brandon, and Kim. I'm so glad you were able to take his class and see how he works with the fabrics.

  12. Wasn't it the best day ever?
    Lovely to meet you.
    Andi x

  13. How very lucky girls...
    What a great it must have been, lovely to see you too, Miriam! :

  14. You lucky, lucky duck. I didn't find out about the workshops until very late. Unfortunately they were all sold out... Bugger, bugger, bugger. Will see you in April. Flights are booked for all four of us Love the colours, I have a kit to start with kaffe fassett fabrics. I have an anniversary quilt and 2 21st quilts to complete first.

  15. It was fabulous to do this class with you Miriam, I loved the colours you chose for your quilt. Love the pic of you and Kaffe! xo

  16. What a class I love your version that hint of yellow in there is wonderful...whats a quilt without a bit of yellow?
    Would love to hear more about what you learned about color taking this class.
    I am so happy for you that you were able to take the class.
    can't wait to see your finished version!

  17. How fun!
    I love your color choices and the pops of red.
    cute photo with Kaffe!

  18. Wow! What a lucky girl you are! And your quilt is going to be Fabulous!

  19. Miriam,
    How exciting!!! Your quilt is gorgeous. What a fun day you had with these guys and giving you their opinion. I am jealous!
    I am go glad to see a picture of you!!! Now I can put a face with your name :)

  20. Oh Miriam, your quilt looks like sparkling jewels! It's gorgeous!
    You look so happy in the picture with Kaffe. Did you give him a hug from me???? LOL
    p.s. I think you've always done well with color.

  21. I love your color choices! What a fun and inspiring class.

  22. wow, what a day to remember. Love your quilt too. It is going to be fabulous.

  23. It looks like an incredible time,and I would have loved to be there. Love your creation!

  24. Looks like the most fabulous what you are doing!

  25. I had a great day also. What a nice bunch of people! Hope to see you and that finished quilt in the shop soon.