Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How can it be...

...more than a month since I posted any sewing on my blog???

I have been sewing, just not very much. Firstly, trying to catch up with BOMs.

This week I made my next 2 blocks for Blogger's Block of the Month.

Split Star is Stephanie's block. It was a quick block to make and Stephanie's clear instructions made it easy to sew together.

Next on the agenda will be catching up with the Civil War blocks.

My next Friends of Baltimore block is coming along slowly.

It certainly looks better now the lyre is completed. Still lots of flowers to add and complete.

I have also been stitching on my next Roseville Album block. No photo today, but it is close to being finished.

Some time ago I mentioned a new fabric line from Andover. Last week I found the fabrics here.

Winterthur John Hewson  – by Winterthur Museum.

Only 4 fabrics here, but I have more coming. :)  The border fabric at the bottom of the photo is beautiful.

This week I discovered a fun new project for 2012. Jeanneke and lots of other bloggers worldwide are going to make lots of lots of tiny houses.One house for each day of the year!! It will be a great way to use all those tiny scraps.  Jeanneke publishes her posts in Dutch and English, so it is easy to follow along. (there is also a translate button on the left) Have you joined yet? All you need to do is send Jeanneke an email and she will add you to her growing list. The first instructions with the pattern will be sent out on the 15th December.

Happy sewing!! :)


  1. Hi Miriam, I bought some of the Hewson fabric too...when I say some... it's more than I think I can use, but you just never know! It's SO beautiful.
    Good luck with the little houses, sounds cute but too much of a commitment to me.

  2. You've certainly been busy with the sewing and those fabrics (especially the border) are divine.

  3. I love stars of any type and enjoy seeing different variations. Your Friends of Baltimore block is gorgeous, you do such lovely work.
    Projects for next year? I am going to try and finish one or two things. Lets just see what happens!

  4. I love your star blocks and the Baltimore is looking terrific, lots of stitching in that one. Oh the Hewson fabrics are gorgeous but I haven't succumbed yet.

  5. Wonderful BOM star blocks. :o) Your applique is perfection. Totally gorgeous.

  6. you are not only in not blogging a lot lately, several on my list of blogs I read have been taking the month off I think :) it is a busy season.
    All your projects look like they are coming along nicely.

  7. Oooh, that quiltalong looks like WAY too much fun! Is it really one house per day? 365 houses??? How big are they? (I must've read something wrong!)

    Love that lyre block -- it's coming along beautifully!

  8. Very fun!!
    Yup, I joined the housing movement ;-)
    Also bought all the Hewson and it goes with sooo many fabrics - I love it.
    Your FOB block is a beauty, you have been VERY busy!

  9. I love the Winterthur fabrics. I am also doing the little houses, should be lots of fun.

  10. Oh, always such pretty things on your blog.
    Love your Bloggers BOM and look at your applique, just beautiful.
    I have added my name to the list for the little houses. I am probably insane for joining, like I don't have enough to do but there is no time line so I joined. I have lots of scraps and I love house blocks.

  11. Oh that fabric is so pretty! Can't wait to see how you use it.
    Love your friends of Baltimore block, it stunning!
    sounds like you are getting a lot done on all your projects.

  12. Oh goodness Miriam, are you doing those tiny houses? Too tiny for me for sure! Cute but not for me. I absolutely love your applique block. You've spent a great deal of time on this one. The new fabrics, are you using them with your applique blocks? I agree with you, that border fabric is beautiful.

  13. simply stunning! Happy New Year to you and yours.
    I am glad to see that your elbow is much better.