Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blogger's BOM catching up.

Finally, I have caught up and have finished blocks 12 and 13 of Blogger's block of the Month.

Thank you Jackie of Canton Village Quilt Works for organising such a great Quilt Along! For the last 13 months we have had a different block designed by a different blogger. At the beginning I couldn't decide on which fabrics to use, so I ended up making 2 blocks every month: one bright and one with repro fabrics.
Block 12 comes from Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side and the lucky last, block 13,  is from Sarah Fielke of The Last Piece.

Blocks 12 and 13  in bright fabrics....

...and in repros.

Here are all my blocks together!!

Now to decide on fabrics for settings.

A couple more holiday photos from Honfleur..

This carousel is more than 110 years old.

An interesting door that I will use for quilt inspiration.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Everyone! :)


  1. I have a thing about doors!!!

    So, your blocks, what a treat for us to see. I said "how cool is that?" in my wow tone of voice which is somewhat quiet and a little bit slower than HOW COOL IS THAT OMG HOW COOL. You can heat the difference I'm sure? *wink*

  2. What fun to have two sets of blocks to play with. A random sampler was suggested by libbyQ for my red and white sampler blocks and I could see that working for yours, too. So many options! Have fun!

  3. Your blocks all look wonderful! And I love that old carousel! It's cool! :0)

  4. ok I just love those doors, ah yes very inspirational!
    ok those repro blocks are amazing!!!! but I do like the modern ones too! love the splashes of pink!
    can't wait to see them made into quilts

  5. I like the way you have set out the BOM's.
    I think sampler quilts are great fun to make.