Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another Chester Criswell Quilt Block

Yesterday I finished the next Chester County Criswell block.

I made James Carlile's block using a single piece of fabric. This fabric is from Barbara Brackman's new line called Metropolitan Fair. I like how the shade of green changes across the fabric.

Here are all my blocks so far.

I plan to make the quilt with a few different background fabrics.

Today I basted and started hand quilting the little pinwheel quilt in my previous post.


  1. I especially love the red block in the lower right corner. It reminds me of a vintage doily.

  2. That block looks like it would be an enjoyable one to applique. I love that green too. Great blocks Miriam. xo

  3. I LOVE seeing your blocks so inspiring yes isn't that green wonderful I agree I love the shading in that fabric
    I know I am going to be sorry I didn't make this quilt when your done!

  4. Looking good!! Love that green BB fabric - great choice.

  5. Your work is always so beautiful Miriam that whenever I look at it I get that wonderful contented peaceful calming feeling that quilting brings. Does that make you my therapist of sorts?!?! mx

  6. What a great project to work on during the holidays - red, green and white. The blocks are beautiful!

  7. YOur blocks are coming right along!
    How fun to be quilting the little pin wheels.
    Nice to have the variety.

  8. what beautiful blocks! I especially love the paper cut ones.
    Your stitching is so lovely!
    Hope you are enjoying your hand quilting.