Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Abundance top finished and more

Weeelll, I was ready to write a post about my Abundance top last night, but when I looked at the photo on my laptop I found a little mistake in it!!! I considered leaving it alone and having a "humble" Abundance quilt, but everytime I looked at the little quilt that little turned around square just started at me!!! It was all I could see! So, this morning out came the seam ripper and I fixed my wonky square.

Here is my completed Abundance top

...and, just for the record, here is my humble version.

How long did it take you to find the wonky square??

Now to choose a backing and binding and do some hand quilting.

The Oso blocks are coming along well.

I plan on getting some more of them finished today.

At the shop where I go for my Friday sewing group there is an annual challenge quilt. Two years ago it was the Mrs Billings Coverlet, last year it was a Star a Day, this year it is a Delectable Mountain block a day. I joined the group too late in the year to start the Mrs Billings Coverlet, last year I made some stars, but no where near a Star a Day! I have been wanting to make a quilt that included delectable mountain blocks for a long time, so I decided to join this year's challenge.........but only make one block a week! These little blocks are hand pieced and measure 4 1/2 inches, unfinished.

Four weeks so far this year, so four blocks completed. :)

Fifty two blocks will give me plenty to complete a lovely little quilt with the chance to experiment with a variety of settings without the quilt being too large.

It has been a loooong time since I did any hand piecing (there has been plenty of hand applique!) and it feels wonderfully relaxing to be hand piecing again! :)

I am using Barbara Brackman's Lately Arrived From London fabric. Barbara has a post on her blog about  delectable mountain quilts, with some examples using this fabric.

It has been a while since I posted a photo from my garden, so here is a quintessentially

Australian summer blossom; Eucalyptus Ficifolia (red flowering gum).


  1. The topsy turvy square would have annoyed me as well, so you're not alone.

    Good idea to make just one Delectable Mountain block a week, much more achievable and even though they are small blocks there is still a bit of piecing in them, love the Lately Arrived from London fabrics, some quite charming prints in them.

  2. What a pretty Abundance block. Annoying about the wonky bit - but worth fixing on such a little quilt. That gum blossom is beautiful!
    Every Stitch

  3. ha ha I studied the block for several minutes before reading on and realizing I was looking at the corrected one, ha ha.
    I love little surprises, but I'm glad you fixed it if it was bothering you.
    It turned out great!

  4. I just started my first Schnibble yesterday and am having such fun. I love your Oso blocks. That is one of the next ones on my list!

  5. I would have had to fix that wonky block too -- the new version looks great! I love those little delectable mountain blocks too -- they're going to make a beautiful quilt!

  6. If I hadn't done the same thing, I wouldn't have seen it. I actually thought about tipping two of those hourglass pieces, just to keep me humble.

  7. The wonky block would have annoyed me too, I would have had to fix it. Love those little delectable mountain blocks.

  8. Your humble block took me a while to see the oops. It didn't stick out like a sore thumb. It's a beautiful block. I really admire your hand piecing!

  9. Love how the plaid in your hour glass blocks lines up differently in each one. Very pretty little quilt - glad you are going to hand quilt it.
    Lucky you - being part of that Friday sewing group. You all have done fabulous work. Will enjoy your progress on the Delectable Mountains. I can so understand not wanting to make one each day. Just a bit ambitious! Once a week is more manageable and still a challenge.

  10. Miriam,

    Thanks so much for visiting me. I appreciate your kind words.

    Your Abundance block looks gorgeous. I love the colors.