Thursday, May 9, 2013

Family sewing.

I have been busy working on lots of different projects recently.

First is block 5 of Monique Dillard's Blogger Girls BOM.

Only one more block to go now, then the sashing.

There is sooo much inspiration out there in blog-land at the moment that I have succumbed to the lure of 2 new projects. :)

I started another machine piecing project and joined in with Cheri's piecework sampler. Each day for the last 3 days Cheri has given instructions to make a different block.

These are 3 1/2 inch (unfinished) blocks. These blocka are made with lots of french General fabrics. I am looking forward to the next blocks.

I also joined Lori and Randy's Applique Medallion sew-along. This time I am doing machine applique! It has been so long since I did any machine applique I can't remember just how long!! ( more than 20 years!)

Again I have chosen to use French General fabrics, and I have made 2 different centre blocks.

The first follows Lori's pattern....

...and on  the second block I kept the same general shape of the vase, but did broderie perse. I haven't done broderie perse by machine before.

I used buttonhole stitch for both blocks.

Next week Randy will have the instructions for the beginning of the pieced borders, then Lori has another applique border.

Some progress has also been made on my current WIPs.

Four more delectable mountain blocks have been hand pieced...

 ...for 30 completed now.

More handwork, with applique.

All the blocks are now pinned ready to be sewn down on Joseph's Coat. This is the final corner I pinned down 2 nights ago.

I have been slowly stitching on Wanda's applique block...

Now, I would like to share some of my daughter's work.
She made a wall hanging for her new home.

The fabric is more than 20 metres of silk organza of varying shades and qualities.

I took the photos with my phone and unfortunately the colours haven't shown true.

Last weekend we went for a drive down the west coast past Melbourne and along part of the Great Ocean Road.

You may be able to make out some hang gliders in the photo above. There were about a dozen of them up at the same time.

One several beaches there were surfers. Some beaches were much more popular than others.

Happy sewing! :)


  1. You are working on lots of lovely projects. I like your versions of Lori and Randy's sew along. What a beautiful ocean drive.

  2. What a fun and newsy post! Both of your center blocks are awesome! Love your striped basket.
    The coast is beautiful. I'd love to visit one of these days.

  3. Had to laugh at you adding a couple of new projects. I have faith you will get them all done as you get more done in a week than any ten quilters combined :0). All the blocks are wonderful.

  4. Oh, you lucky girl -- I think if I had those beautiful beaches nearby I might never get any quilting done!

  5. Lots of gorgeous Show & Tell Miriam! Those pics of the west coast bring back lots of memories of my younger years, a really special part of Victoria.

  6. What a great post! Love the Applique medallion blocks, I did all of my Morrell broderie perse by machine - what stabiliser are you using?Wanda's block is looking beautiful. Ah, the Great Ocean road what a wonderful part of Victoria,you've captured it so well.

  7. I like the version of Lori's applique block that has the stripe on the vase. Nice.

  8. OH, your beaches are beautiful too. Those look like some waves my husband and sons would like to ride.
    I am always inspired when I visit your blog. Just beautiful works by you and your daughter.

  9. Lovely projects! Your daughter takes after you with her needlework talent. Love your Broiderie Perse, very elegant. Your hand work is so nice. Joseph's Coast is amazing - I cheated and bought two vintage ones ;-)
    Thank you for sharing - tell you DD thanks too.