Monday, June 17, 2013


Today is the 4th anniversary of starting this blog! What a ride it has been! :)

I have revelled in the inspiration, friendship and encouragement I have recieved. It has been wonderful to meet so many talented and friendly people, both online and in real life! I treasure the friendships I have made through blogging.

Thanks to many bloggers my quilting making skills have been stretched to the point that I feel like I can now tackle any project. (well, anything I have seen so far Lol)

Thank you all!

What have I been stitching over the last few days?

I have started hand quilting the Piecework Sampler. The thread is DMC 80. It is much finer than Perle 8 or 12, and a little thicker than the YLI quilting thread I have used before. My stitches lie somewhere between "big stitch quilting" and fine hand quilting.....leaning towards the"big stitch" size. :)

On the machine I have been making pinwheel border blocks for my 2nd medallion block.

Again they are all made with French General fabrics. I have about 8 more to make.

Lastly I have been working on another fleur de lis block as a swap block for the Chester Criswell Quilt. Here's a peek of my progress..

All of those projects were found on blogs!!!

Here is another one that has piqued my interest in the last week. It is an amazingly intricate quilt that would be a wonderful challenge. Since I am not one to back away from a challenge I am seriously thinking about joining in!! :)  What about you??

Beautiful flowers from my DS for my birthday. Yes, he knows my favourites are yellow roses! :)


  1. Congratulations on your fourth blogiversary, time flies doesn't it.
    I saw that applique quilt on Esther's blog and thought it was intriguing but not for me at this stage. Love your quilting, it looks as if you are doing a fan design.

  2. Congratulations on a great achievement - wonderful to hear you have learnt so much on blogs - is exactly what I am finding too. That quilting thread is going to show up beautifully - love it! Love the applique (great ombre fabric )and the broderie perse. I am hoping to join that group of Esther's too - looks a great challenge. The hardest bit may be finalising the fabric choices - not even going to look till she is ready to start.

  3. congrats on your 4th birthday..........I have enjoyed following your blog over the years.....I love seeing all the inspiration........looking forward to seeing what you create in the next year....

  4. Congratulations on your four year blogiversary! May you have many, many more! :0)

  5. Happy Birthday. Doesn't the time fly when blogging? That marriage coverlet is truly amazing. If you take the challenge I'll be following your progress. Can't wait.

  6. Happy Birthday! thoughtful son!!!!
    beautiful flowers, oh I love that swap block and the fabric soooo pretty.
    congrats on your 4th anny.
    where does the time go????

  7. Happy blogiversary! I always enjoy the photos of your work. Like the swap block . I've looked at Esther's blog, I don't think I ready for a challenge of that size yet.

  8. Happy blogiversary and birthday Miriam! Lovely work as always. I really like the baptist fans that you are quilting. Are you using a template or going freehand with them?
    I knew when I saw the Wedding Coverlet that you'd be having a go at it! Lol it's amazing!

  9. Oh I am anxiously awaiting the start of Esther's new BOM. I am busy thinking about fabrics and tidying up other projects. Hope you join in the fun.

  10. Oh Wow! That new BOM looks awesome! I hope you'll post about each stage of your progress if you join in. I'd really love to start something challenging. I've seen just a few gorgeous quilts from down under -- I know there are a ton others out there just waiting for me to discover them. Happy Blogiversary!!!

  11. Happy anniversary! That project that you have your eye on looks amazing - go for it!

  12. Happy Birthday and blogiversary! I enjoy your blog and your projects very much! Your hand quilting stitches look lovely! I find a lot of my projects come from the Internet too :0) That new BOM looks like an incredible project!

  13. Happy birthday and happy blogiversary! I love your project, especially the yummy reds and the quilting stitches. Esther is creating quite a stir with her new project, I think I have to join but put the patterns aside for now.

  14. Congrats on your Blogiversary!
    I really like where you are going with your second Medallion project and the broderie purse with more French General, what's not to like!
    Thank you for your kind comment

  15. Very Happy Blogiversary !
    I like your medallion sew-along, very very beautiful !
    Have a great day

  16. Happy Birthday and Here's too many More...
    Love your Fleur block just Gorgeous.
    looking forward to your pics on Instagram lol

  17. Congratulations on your four year blogiversary!
    I like the baptist fans you are hand quilting.
    I am following along with the chatter about Esther's new BOM but will wait to see the first block before I decide what to do.

  18. Happy Birthday and 4 year blog anniversary. I am so glad you blog because your projects are so inspirational to me and others.