Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slowly appliqueing and making puffy grapes...

This month my applique is progressing slowly.

Luckily this month's CCCQ block was relatively fast to make.

Block 21 Mary Trayner.

I decided I wanted my block a little more symmetrical than the original, so I made a mirror image using just one half of the block.

In my last post I included photos of 2 Noah and Matilda blocks where I hadn't completed the embroidery embellishment.

The original block had 2 rows of satin stitch around each element. I decided to just embroider around the 4 plain red pieces.

I used 1 strand of DMC embroidery floss.

Next is the grape block.

Again, I used one strand of DMC floss.

To make the grapes I used Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles.

They're tiny!

Cutting out the circles, leaving an small seam allowance extra.

The extra fabric helped to puff up the grapes.

I also put a tiny circle of cotton batting into each grape to puff them up further.

Puffy grapes!

Last night I began stitching the first block for this month's set. Hopefully I can finish all 4 before the end of the month. Wish me luck!


  1. I like your embroidery embellishments to the Noah and Matilda blocks. Adds interest to the designs.

  2. Beautiful detail on your appliqué. Love the simplicity of that first block too.

  3. I love it when people use a pattern as a guide then add their own special touches. That's what makes it uniquely their own. Those itty bitty grapes are amazing. Really lovely blocks.

  4. Your blocks are looking terrific. And your grapes are perfect. I can't believe you even got some stuffing in those tiny circles!

  5. Haven't tried stuffed berries, was it hard to appliqué down? Looks great.

  6. Love the embroidery on your Noah and Matilda blocks. You are ahead of me this month as I haven’t even gotten around to printing my patterns.

  7. Oh Wow -- those little grapes all look perfect!

  8. Oh Wow -- those little grapes all look perfect!

  9. Beautiful stitching...love the grapes!

  10. Such pretty blocks!
    Lovely embroidery and wonderful puffed grapes!

  11. I love making circles and I love your puffy grapes!

  12. I think it is great you make the patterns your own. Move the embroidery. Your two color addition looks just like the original. The grapes, oh my! I think Matilda would be so impressed!

  13. Thank you for sharing all your photos. It's so nice to see how your projects progress - especially when the finished results are so impressive!
    Thank you for the link on my CCCQ blog.

  14. a lot of work and looking lovely! your embroidery is adding dimension!

  15. Beautiful quilt and embroidery... nice to meet you !!!!