Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Small World

Earlier this year I started a new quilt. My Small World is designed by Jen Kingwell (of Amitie here in Melbourne) and was published in The Spring special of Quiltmania, 2015.

I have completed 3 sections of the 6. Here is my progress so far

I got a starter pack of fabric from Amitie (several fabrics the same as in Jen's original quilt) and I added lots of fabrics along the way

Since is it called "my small world" I have used some fabrics that have significance for me.

I used "Rose" because it is in my blog name, but it is also a family name.

This little piece of lace was crocheted by someone in my family. Either my mother, one of my grandmothers or my great grandmother! They all sewed, crocheted, knitted etc. I wish I knew who made it.

This one is for my children. All 3 of my children did gymnastics and my daughter also danced for many years.

Some elephants for my husband because he is from Laos.

Scissors for all the sewers in my family.

A piece of fabric that my daughter designed.

A piece of Liberty with all things "tea" because I love a cuppa! :)

Lastly a favourite section of little pinwheel blocks.

I have hand pieced everything so far and I am loving it! Thank you Jen for a fun quilt.

There are a few more progress photos on Instgram. My page is @mjnorindr . Look for #miriamsmysmallworld to see all my photos of this quilt. To see many other wonderful versions of this quilt on Instagram look at #mysmallworldqal, #mysmallworld or #mysmallworldquilt.


  1. Your version of My Small World is looking good, I'm up to the same stage myself, must get back to it now that my calendar is clear. Its lovely being able to personalise it with different things that have meaning to you.

  2. I love this piece! {especially the word Rose--it was my Grand-mere's name and my middle name ;--))) ); but I love your bustling city...beautiful work...hugs, Julierose

  3. Your little special touches are so charming--it's going to be a wonderful quilt!

  4. It's absolutely beautiful! I love all of the personal touches, especially.

  5. I am SO impressed that you are hand piecing this beauty! It will indeed become a family heirloom! And all the more special as it has all those significant messages in it! Great job Miriam!

  6. How special to add those little fabric treasures in your current project.

  7. nice to see you back to blogging again - you have a lot of interesting projects going on!

  8. This is looking really beautiful, Miriam! I love Jen's designs, and you are doing a wonderful job with it!