Monday, April 25, 2016

A trip to Japan

At long last I am back here to post a little about to our trip to Japan.

We spent just 6 days in Tokyo, but managed to see quite a bit.

One evening, when we returned to our hotel room, we were surprised to see a faint view of Mt Fuji from our window.

One of the things I love about Japan is the contrast between the old and the new. The photo below shows a stone structure in Ueno Park with  the lights of the modern city in the background.

Then there are serene gardens surrounded by thousands of buildings

And the iconic busy crossing in Shibuya.

Of course I went fabric shopping! :)

First stop was Nippori.

A whole street of fabric shops where the multi storey Tomato is possibly the most famous!

Me in fabric heaven!

We also visited Yuzawaya. There are several Yuzawaya stores in Tokyo, but we went to the Takashimaya store in Shinjuku where Yuzawaya takes up one whole floor.

A stand of Liberty fabric on the left and much more to see on the right.

We also went to Tokyu Hands which has craft supplies of all kinds.

Another great find was Okadaya in Shinjuku. It is spread over 2 buildings and several floors. We don't speak any Japanese and the young lady who looked after us didn't speak any English but with lots of hand signs we managed to understand each other!

Beautiful  kimono fabric in Okadaya.

While wandering around the huge department stores you never know what you will see...

A patchwork skirt found in Seibu, Shibuya, In this department store there was a small area with La Drougerie, (knitting yarn, embroidery supplies, ribbon, gifts and a small amount of fabric), 100 Idees (fabric) and a craft bookstore.

I even managed a little sewing on the plane.

We would love to go back to Japan one day and visit Kyoto and Osaka.

And what did I buy?  Below is some of my shopping. There were also a stack of fat quarters, many of which I have gifted or used.

Oops!!! How did it appear upside down??!!
The Yuwa toile I found at Tomato and I bought some in blue too. The bird fabric is also from a shop in Nippori. Okadaya had tables of "bargain" fabric out the front of the store, and I found the red fabric there. The books I found at a book store called Keibundo Books. It is a huge store with very helpful staff, and a great section of craft books. Yuzawaya, Tomato and Odakaya had tables of fat quarters of all sorts of fabrics.
I would go back to Japan in a heartbeat!!


  1. All looks wonderful Miriam, but what did you buy!!!??? ;-))

  2. looks like a wonderful trip...........lucky you........

  3. Oh, one of my favourites- the macaroons! Your recommendations are going on my 'must visit' list for my trip in October!

  4. Loving that toile fabric--sounds like you had a fabulous trip...hugs, Julierose

  5. Beautiful! So fun to hear about your trip, and shopping. DH goes about 3x a year and I have a little stash from his shopping. Yours looks like great fun! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Sounds wonderful Miriam! Are the fabric prices better in Japan than in Australia?

  7. Great to see what you have been up to. Japan looks amazing!

  8. What a lovely trip! Thanks for sharing

  9. One blog leads to another and I'm happy to have found yours. These photos of Tokyo take me "back" a few years ago when I lived there. Looks like you found all the best haunts for a quilter to find! Did you happen to visit the shop Blue and White as well?

  10. Where have I been? I didn't know you went to Tokyo! What an awesome adventure!