Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another parcel.

I have entered some of the giveaways I have seen since I started blogging, and a couple of weeks ago I had my first win. :) Here is the little purse I won from Lena. Lena sent this parcel from Norway all the way to Australia. Thank you so much Lena. The sewing on this purse is exquisite and I love the butterfly fabric. Beautiful, Lena!!! :)

When I opened the purse, this is what I found inside! Lots of yummy goodies (have I mentioned before I love chocolate???) Those heart buttons are so gorgeous and they will be going on something special.
The Le Moyne stars for the AQ are coming along. I finished another one this morning, so there are 16 now; 12 more to go.
I finished this MQ block last night. I have finished 24 blocks now and have 4 more prepared ready to sew.

These azaleas are by my front door and this photo was taken early this morning. The plant in the foreground is called "Gretel" and it is my favourite azalea. There are several more plants that have darker red flowers in bud at the moment.


  1. I love your azalea's so pretty - you made out good on the items from Norway, the bag is pretty. Your stars are coming along great.

  2. Oooo love the bag, I won one too but haven't recieved it yet. If you have yours mine should be here soon too. Azaleas are my all time favorite flowers but they don't grow in arctic North Dakota USA LOL. Love your blocks Miriam!!

  3. Lucky you Miriam! I forgot to enter that giveaway...but I'm glad that you won that cute little bag.

    That MQ block is amazing and beautiful! Your little stars are inspiring me. I will get some made Sunday, I will!

    The azalea's are gorgeous!

  4. what a great little win you got in the mail. Congrats. Your star blocks are coming along. Love your applique block.

  5. Very interesting blog indeed!
    Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy.
    P.S. I added my name to Your followers

  6. Hello there!
    Just to let You know Your blog is openly followed in my blog

  7. Congrats on the win and I love your block!