Sunday, September 27, 2009

Non quilting sewing

Over the years I have made lots of different things. Since I haven't got anything quilty to show for the moment I thought I would post photos of thing I have made in the past.

About 5 years ago I did some millinery classes. The lady who ran the classes was very talented and had been making hats for many years. The hat above was the first one I made. The flower I made from silk ribbon.
My daughter has worn this fascinator several times.

This pillow was made during another class on ribbon embriodery.

A close up of some of the embroidery.

I didn't learn smocking when I was as school and it was something I always wanted to learn. My first 2 children were sons, so it was a wasn't till after I had my daughter I had someone to make smocked dresses for. I kind of got addicted to smocking. lol My daughter had smocked dresses for every occasion! I only stopped making them when she declared she was getting too old for smocking!!

Here are a few of my daughter's dresses from when she was young.

This photo shows the back of a dress with pearl buttons and loops for a closure. The collar is from wide broderie anglais.

This is one of my favourite dresses. It is from Liberty fabric. I just love sewing on liberty!

This dress is from pique with trim from the Liberty fabric left from the previous dress.

A drop waist dress from blue batiste with insertion lace, ribbon beading and embroidery.

This dress is from a wool fabric.

This dress was one of my daughter's favourites. White batiste with silk thread smocking and embroidery. The sleeves have pintucks and a lace trim. The square collar has insertion lace.

The only smocking I do now is the occasional night gown for a new born baby. I hope, one day, I have a grand daughter to make smocked dresses for!

By far the most difficult thing I have every tried to make is a tutu! My daughter took dancing classes for many years and I made many costumes for her. Leotards were pretty simple to make. After years of gymnastics classes for all my children I could almost make a leotard with my eyes closed! lol I tried to make tutus several times. It was like wrestling a rhinoceros!!!!! I did manage a half tutu, with not many layers of netting, once. We ended up buying her tutus and I decorated them. I love sewing on lace, sequins and beads.

A park near were we live, yesterday afternoon.


  1. You have some mad skills there. Everything you've shown is so beautifully made. Then you discovered quilting?

  2. Wow, what a beautiful selection of hand work. Your hats are lovely, those roses on the pillow perfect and your daughter must have looked like a princess. Those dresses are just beautiful. I can't decide which one I like best they are all very impressive. You should do some smocked insertions in a quilt some time.......

  3. I used to do lots of smocking too - I have 4 daughters, but my son also got to have picture smocking of cows and tractors, lol. I'm smocking a panel for a cushion, but I'm taking forever to finish - must get it done soon. Those dresses are beautiful.

  4. Wow, the dresses are wonderful!! I'm so very impressed with your sewing skills!!


  5. well you sure are talented - I love the little dresses! so cute

  6. These are real treasures to be kept and past on. A last, my boys and grandsons wouldn't appreciate my smocking skills but it is fun to do. Your workmanship is beautiful and I'm very impressed.

  7. A great read, Miriam - I've been down the same road - must show some pics, too - I agree about the tutus!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  8. Hello Miriam,love that smocking just beautiful.You have a real talent. Happy days to you.

  9. Supertalented! Love all the different craft syou have tried. I especially love your smocking - I would love to try that some time. have you made a hat for this years Melbourne Cup?

  10. Oh my Miriam...your hand work is awesome!!!!
    Those lil dresses are family heirlooms now or would be in my world!!
    Hats are not worn here in the US as they used to be I remember when my Mom wore them.I quite like them.
    Thanks so much for the blog visit and your kind comments!! I am enjoying your blog as well!

  11. Gorgeous dresses!!! The smocking is just beautiful. I wish I loved to sew clothes. I'd have quite the wardrobe by now.

  12. Wow, you are so talented. What fabulous dresses.

  13. Hi Miriam..
    Beautiful work..
    I never did get to learn how to smock, now my grand daughters are too old!
    SRE is a passion of mine..your SRE is beautiful!
    Julia ♥

  14. Miriam,
    These dresses are fit for a princess! Such rich colors and textures. You should be a designer of children's boutique clothing. No kidding!
    Julie from Tennessee