Sunday, August 22, 2010

One more Morrell Block

I finished another MQ block this morning.

As I was sewing on the last row of triangles I noticed one little triangle was from a different fabric!! I have no idea how that happened! That little triangle is staying there!

The next block I will be making is a triple Irish chain.....wish me luck!

I had a bit of waiting outside home this week so I took hand sewing with me.
I managed to get 2 more JC blocks finished too.

Here a couple of photos from my garden.

I went for another beach walk this week. This walk lasted a very short time; it was blowing a gale and freezing!!! You can see the foam on the sand from the waves breaking on the beach.
This beach is on the other side of the peninsula from the beach photos in my last post.
The bathing boxes are found on several beaches around the bay.


  1. Very nice block, it looks like the red flowers on your garden.

    greetings, Jeannet

  2. The Morell block is beautiful!!

  3. Morell is fabulous. Beach photos are terrific. I love the colors of the bathing boxes....


  4. That is another beautiful block and I would leave the one triangle there too!

    Love your outdoors photos!

  5. a lot of pieces in that block!

  6. WOW another beautiful block Miriam!!! I had a VERY hard time finding the errant fabric, I would leave it too :0)


  7. I couldn't even see the "wrong" triangle, till I clicked and made the pic bigger. No one will even know unless they are looking for it. It's quite beautiful and it will look fabulous when completed.

  8. What a wonderfull block - congratulations !! THis really worked out nicely.

  9. Great block Miriam and I would have let the little triangle stay also!! That is what real patchwork is all about!! Gorgeous beach photo! thanks!! Take care, hugs, Daniëlle

  10. how much more of the morrel quilt do you have to make.........I have found another lady o's making this quilt too........

  11. Great block...I love walking on a wintry beach!

  12. The sky looks so pretty in the beach photo and I love the beach cabanas.

    Lovely Morrell block....I couldn't find the different fabric and I tried :o) I'd leave it too.

    Pretty, pretty flowers.

  13. Boy, I sure can't see the mismatched triangle from here! That Morrell block is very pretty -- and so are your garden pictures!

  14. Great job on your new block! You continue to be an inspiration to me. I'm using your blocks to help me chose my fabrics.

  15. Your block is beautiful and the odd triangle will add interest to it.

    I have always loved the bathing boxes at the beach. I can remember them all as a little girl all lined up in a row with their brightly painted fascades.

  16. oh the block is beautiful I love the fabric you used for the center, its perfect. ok is that a new fabric?
    I am so excited that your leaving that lonely red triangle in there, adds character to the block in mho

  17. Your Morrell block is gorgeous, really beautiful. You must have a few JC blocks done by now.

  18. pretty block
    I love that there is a renegade in there!

  19. Your block is gorgeous and so is your garden!
    I enjoyed all of the pics!

  20. Hmmm, I've not seen bathing boxes before. They are SO colorful. They seem whimsical and fun to me!

    Your MQ block is stunning!!! : ) I happen to LOVE a 'wrong' triangle in the mix!!!

    And, your garden is beautiful. You MUST have ALL green fingers, not just green thumbs?!