Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have been busy....

On Saturday I went to a machine applique class with Mariya Waters. Today I finish the piece we started on the day. Mariya is a great teacher and an extremely talented quilt maker. A couple of months ago I went to a machine quilting class with her and I am looking forward to the second machine quilting class with Mariya in a few weeks time.

I finished another Tail Feathers block. There is one more waiting to be started.

A couple more Morrell blocks finished! :)

On Sunday I went to Quilts in the Barn. Linda holds an annual exhibition of quilts in her barn. The exhibition raises money for breast cancer research. This year Linda invited Di Ford and the Secret Sewing Sisterhood quilters to exhibit their quilts. I have been aware of the exhibition for the last 3 years, but I had never been before. This year I had to go! I learnt to quilt with Di at her shop.
There were around 90 quilts to see, new people to meet, fabric and patterns to buy and lots of inspiration! Linda has some photos on her blog and will have many more soon.

I have another of Di's quilts on my list to make. I hope to start Hommage to Sallie Ann before the end of the year. I plan to use William Morris fabrics and I have started collecting.

Another couple of dresden plate blocks are finished. Now to decide on a background fabric.

We had a friend from overseas visiting us for a few weeks. Late last week we took him around the hills in our area and we found these Crimson Rosellas. They let us get close enough to get some photos.


  1. Gorgeous Morrell blocks Miriam! Oh and the machine applique piece is wonderful...so dreamy with those beautiful batiks and I love the Tail Feathers blocks too.
    Pretty birds, are they parrots?
    I haven't seen many pictures from Quilts in the Barn yet, but I am excited to see them...was it just wonderful????

  2. Those Morell blocks are so amazing. I really need to try some Brodery Perce some day, I love the effect!!


  3. your blocks are just beautiful.
    I am thinking of making that quilt too!
    now that Deb said she is going to make it I thought oh maybe I should start it as well....
    its a beautiful quilt but I am going to stay focused on my MM quilt I would love to finish that quilt this winter

  4. You have been busy! Love your blocks.

  5. You have been so busy. Great Morrell blocks - and what colourful birds - they dont look real.

  6. Wow! Your blocks are so gorgeous!!!
    The birds are amazing! Such bright colors they have.

  7. I would have loved to see that exhibition. Your blocks are looking great!

  8. Your new Morrell blocks look beautiful and I bet you have come home all inspired after Quilts in the Barn, seeing Di's one there.

  9. All your blocks are wonderful. I have a couple of Di's patterns, Sallie Ann is a favourite that I'll do one day. Your so lucky to take classes with Mariya Walters, her work is incredible.

  10. Fabulous machine applique. It is a beautiful block as are all the others. Very pretty birds.

  11. You are lucky to have the chance to learn from Mariya, she does beautiful work. I have a very large collection of William Morris fabrics that I have been collecting for many years but have never found the right project for them. I think you have given me some direction in this matter, thank you.

  12. Hi -
    Lovely blocks! So lucky to have seen the quilts in the barn.
    You won the Karen Buckley pattern - just need your mailing address.

  13. You HAVE been busy! Sounds like you had fun at your class too. And how fun to see those birds in the wild -- we have to go to the zoo to see them here.

  14. Beautiful! You have been very busy. Love the birds.
    You are such an inspiration to me :)

  15. Oh look at all the lovely work you've completed. Delightful. Purely delightful. I really enjoy seeing your talent on display. :)

  16. Wow! Your work is amazing! I'm so glad you came over to my blog...because it brought me to yours. And look at the color inspiration in those birds. God was so good to give us 'color'!

  17. My goodness you have been productive, Miriam! I am so impressed with your work! The birds are so lovely. They look so tame! Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us up to date on your blog.

  18. The blocks are truly amazing...so pretty!

  19. Your work is stunning, Miriam.

    Thank you for visiting me, and leaving the kind comment. I am glad to make your acquaintance. :)

  20. Your Morrell blocks are beautiful, that appliqué....awesome!
    Thanks for you email, I'm so sorry you could't leave a message on my blog, sometimes Blogger is like that ;-)
    Have a nice quilting day!
    Georgina in Qatar