Friday, November 19, 2010

Goodbye Snoopy

Yesterday our dear loving and lovable dog, Snoopy went to doggy Heaven.

Snoopy was a papillon and was 13 years old. He lived with liver problems all his life.
We got Snoopy when he was 6 months old. It was quickly evident he had health problems.
After a few weeks of intensive feeding to build him up he had a major operation to try to fix him.
The surgeon repaired several things and said he did his best, but would be surprised if Snoopy lasted another 12 months.
Well, Snoopy lived another 12 years!
We changed his diet a few times to find just what he liked and what would keep him healthy. He had his ups and downs and the vet called him their wonder dog because he managed to survive many set backs.
Over the last couple of years Snoopy became blind and deaf. He could still find his way around the house and loved to play with Jasper our cat......yes, the cat! They even slept in a chair together.
Yesterday Snoopy deteriorated quickly and I knew it was his time to go.

Goodbye Snoopy. :(


  1. Oh Miriam....I was just thinking about you and now I know why. I'm so sorry to hear about Snoopy. Big hugs to you my friend.

  2. Miriam, I am sorry to hear about Snoopy. We become so attached to our pets and they are like family.

  3. Miriam, I am so very sorry for you with the loss of your dog. We love our pets so much and they keep us good company. Please know that I am thinking of you with a heavy heart:(

  4. Oh i hate this when it happens. You know that you have done the right thing and it was his time to go.

    My Lhasa Apso was 19 when he died he wasn't deaf or blind or had problems but one of my other dogs rushed out the door and he fell down the stairs and broke his hip. I often think about how long he would or lived for.

    When Snoopy gets to heaven he will send down another dog for you to love when the time is right.

    A Big Hug from Adele in Brisbane xxxx

  5. Oh Miriam, my heart is breaking for you. :( This is the only sad part of having pets. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I second Adele about him sending you another dog to love.

  6. Oh heart goes out to you at this sad time..As others have mentioned,our pets are our family and when they leave us, they leave behind a big space..Although at this point in time it will be difficult,try to focus on the happy times that you have shared amd Snoopy will help you through..Hugs Kate xx

  7. Gentle blessings to you and your family over the loss of Snoopy. May your memories be sweet and fond. Hugs to Jasper too.

  8. Oh Miriam, I am so sorry to head this sad news, and yet I can't help to have a smile on my face. You were really blessed by a miracle dog!
    I know from experience how hard it is to say goodbye to such a member of the family, yet I know they really never leave. Like it is said, they truly leave a pawprint on our heart!
    Thinking of you, and also Jasper as he will sorely miss Snoopy as well,

  9. Oh Miriam - woeful, woeful day.
    Sorry to hear you sad news
    take care

  10. So sorry to hear about Snoopy but you know he's gone to a better place now.

  11. What a lovely life you gave to Snoopy - I am sure he repaid the love you gave him many times over. It is always a joy to see kind people who love a dog who needs them. I am so sorry he has left to cross the Rainbow Bridge and my heart hurts for you.

  12. I am so sorry to hear about Snoopy. He was very lucky to have you as you were him all these years.

  13. Oh Miriam. I'm sorry to hear about Snoopy. What a lucky dog though -- to have a wonderful family find him.

  14. I am so sad and sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was a fighter and wanted to be with you all those years.
    I know how you feel since I lost my pup this past summer. She lived 14 years.