Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding photos

 The dress!  My DD designed and made her wedding dress herself. She used over 30 meters of fabric. The train fabric is hundreds of laser cut chiffon petals with hand sewn diamantes in the centre of each flower. The train fabric came from Italy.

Photo heavy post!!

 The bridal party.

 The bodice of the dress was draped chiffon and decorated with diamante motifs.

A family photo with DS, new DSIL, DD, me and DH.

 Cutting the cake.  Also below the cake, the venue and the bride's bouquet. My sister did all the bridal party and cake flowers .


 The week before the wedding we had a traditional Laotian Baci ceremony for the couple. The first photo shows them dressed in traditional costume. I made my DD's clothes. The skirt and scarf are from traditional wedding fabric and were sent from Laos especially. The green silk my DSIL is wearing belonged to my FIL and my DH also wore it when we had a Baci before we were married. The second photo shows them sharing food as they will now share their lives together.

Both days were a huge success. :)


  1. Oh Miriam so lovely to see all these gorgeous pics! What an amazing seamstress your DD is, her dress is incredible. I could not believe the detail in it when I clicked on the photo's. And she is simply gorgeous, as are her bridesmaids, what a beautiful blue they are wearing. The happy couple in traditional dress are stunning too. Love your red dress too Miriam!! Thanks for sharing the special days with us. xo

  2. Miriam, I have been waiting on the wedding photos! Your daughter's dress is magnificent! What a keepsake it will be! I love the blue the bridesmaids are wearing. You look gorgeous in your beautiful red dress.
    It was a lovely wedding!

  3. What to say, almost amazing! Your beautiful daughter, her fantastic dress, pictures...
    You made me cry a little remebering my daughter's wedding
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful pictures with us

  4. That is all wonderful- what a clever girl to make her own dress and love you had your traditional custom's also,
    They look very happy and you have one beautiful daughter and new SIL of course!

  5. oh my gosh that gown is just beautiful, amazing!
    What a labor of love to make her own gown.
    thank you for sharing all the pictures, I wish them much happiness. Thanks for sharing the Laotian Baci ceremony photos I had never heard of that before.
    aren't traditions wonderful?

  6. Congratulations to you and the beautiful couple! My son got married on Saturday too!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness this is all so amazing. From the dress to the family photo to the ceremony. Wow! I'm so moved, touched. You must have been somewhere between proud and teary-eyed!

  8. Oh Miriam,
    I can hardly type this because the tears welling up in my eyes right now make it hard to see...lol

    Beautiful wedding, gorgeous bride and bridegroom, lovely family and I could go on and on about the cake, decorations, wedding dress and Laotian outfits. So special and I am so proud for you all.

    Big hugs....ranette

  9. She looks wonderfull! What a beautiful dress and what a beautiful daughter and very clever! She made her own dream come true, I wish her and her husband a good life with many dreams coming true! Greetings from Holland,

  10. Wow! Your photos are beautiful. As are the bride and groom! That dress is gorgeous -- what a talented seamstress you have for a daughter. (The acorn didn't fall far from the tree LOL.) I love the picture of you looking on at the Baci -- and I love that they're carrying on your traditions! Thanks for sharing your photos -- it was worth the wait!

  11. OMGosh Miriam the bride is GORGEOUS!! You two must be so proud :0) Thank you for sharing the photos, the wedding colors are beautiful!


  12. beautiful!! love the dress and the traditional clothing - so beautiful - thanks for sharing.

  13. That is some dress! WOW!
    What a beautiful ceremony and lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us.

  14. Outstanding! Beautiful! What a happy day for all! I can see the love and happiness in everyone's eyes. Congratulations Miriam and Som on this wonderful occasion of gaining a new son. Best wishes to the lovely couple!
    Hugs to ya all!

  15. Oh my goodness, your daughter's dress is stunning. All the photos are so beautiful.
    And such a beautiful day to have an outdoor wedding. I am so happy for you and your family.

  16. great talent of your daughter......gorgeous dress..........the wedding looks beautiful you should be very proud......

  17. Love your photos. Looks like you have all been doing some serious partying. Happy Days ahead!

  18. What an amazing dress your daughter made, she looks gorgeous. Congratulations to them both. I loved the photos of the Loation Baci ceremony too. All round, what a happy day at a beautiful venue.

  19. Just gorgeous, congratulations to you all.

  20. wow wow wow
    I'm speechless!
    her dress is incredible and the costumes you made were gorgeous! What a beautiful couple and day. Everything looked lovely. The blue is so fresh and pretty at the reception!

  21. You daughter is gorgeous and very talented! Love all the clothing and the Baci cothing is really interesting. Best wishes to all for a wonderful future together!