Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!

Life is almost back to normal now after the wedding, lots of traveling and visitors.

The only sewing I have done for the last couple of months is this EPP doll quilt top.

I finished the piecing last night, so now to baste and quilt it. The fabric I will be using for the backing is in the background.

I recently entered a giveaway on Lissa Alexander's blog ( )
I was very pleased to win!!!

Below is the prize..

The book, which has been autographed by Jan Vaine, is full of designs and instructions for various embroidery stitches and applique inspiration. There is also a CD as well as a set of patterns.
Thank you Lissa and Jan! :)

I can't wait to use this book on my next new project...........

Friends of Baltimore by Sue Garman.

Each package includes the patterns and very detailed instructions for 2 of the blocks or a border. I really love the borders, especially that each vase in the border is different. This quilt will be a huge undertaking, but I have always wanted to make a Baltimore Album style quilt.
If anyone has made a BA quilt before I would be very pleased if you could pass on any hints! :)

In the photo above you can see the fabric I have selected for my background (Kona bone) and the red for the sashing (Moda Bella Christmas Red)
Below are my greens....

It will be a loooong project...........especially since I plan to work on Roseville Album at the same time (Call me crazy, but I love a challenge!!!)
I will be using mostly quite traditional fabrics for Friends of Baltimore, but very contemporary Kaffe Fassett style fabrics for the Roseville Album.

In between I will continue to work on Several WIPs. Currently I am sewing block 8 of Tailfeathers, so there is not much left before I can join all those blocks together.
I also plan to catch up with Barbara Brackman's civil war blocks.

(I think I am suffering from stitching withdrawal! lol, after not doing much sewing for a few weeks!)

I am leaving you with a couple of photos of fauna this post, instead of my usual flora....

I hope you like my new blog header.

Happy sewing!!


  1. Hi Miriam, It takes a bit out of us, having our children grow up and getting married! Love the roses in your header and your little quilt is gorgeous. Boy you have got a lot ahead of you with that BA quilt (especially the border) but how special it will be when finished. I am looking forward to watching your progress.

  2. Love the fauna photos too - two of my favourite native animals. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the doll quilt. I have lots of the same prints. I am just too scared to do all that hand piecing which they are perfect for.

  4. amazing the 2 quilts you will work on next! but if anyone can do it its YOU! oh love the roses and the new blog look.
    glad your getting back to stitching I look forward to the pictures of your blocks

  5. So glad to have found your blog, your doll quilt is lovely, we both enjoy smocking and applique...Your work is lovely. The Sue Garman quilt is glorious, I'm debating on purchasing it, I have so many things to complete first...
    Have a good day

  6. It's nice to have you back Miriam! I'm getting the FOB blocks sent out each month too but no start date yet for me. Congratulations on your win, that was some prize, lucky you and I do love your quilt. I haven't seen that setting before, it reminds me of a simpler version of Jacks chain.

  7. Welcome Back Miriam, you have been missed :o)

    Wow what a great win!! I would love to see some of that embroidery. I was tempted to do order that baltimore pattern but thus far haven't done it. I'll just sit back and watch you make yours :0) It's good that you are doing this one and the Roseville at the same time. This way you will not get bored with the red/green project.


  8. Glad to see you back. Life must have been a real whirlwind for you.
    Look forward to seeing the projects unfold.
    Beautiful yellow roses.

  9. Welcome back, Miriam and congratulations on the wedding! I love your doll-quilt... so sweet! and your applique projects: wow: I can't wait to see your process and progress. I know you have so much to teach us novices. Besides, I know you'll do a super job and exchanging between styles will keep it interesting for you. HUG- and love the new look and of course the roses!!! :)

  10. Welcome back and what a superb doll quilt you've got there!!! Great projects going on here and umm… I'm taking a class right now with Jan V. She lives here in J'ville. ;) Learning a lot but I'm still such a young, baby applique'er.

    LOVE your header. I can almost smell them.

  11. Ha ha. Yes we are crazy. Those are my next two, also. We can do it. No boredom here! Need to fiish my Creatures of the Night first. Good luck.Your progress will inspire me.

  12. You've got some fun stitching to do ahead of you!! Those are amazing quilts.

  13. Lovely quilt. I am also starting on Sue Garman's Friends of Baltimore. You will be busy with those two quilts, not to forget the WIPs...!!

  14. the yellow roses are just beautiful. I noticed your new look right away.
    I love your new quilt you just finished. A very neat design.
    congrats on your win.