Saturday, March 3, 2012

The postman rang twice....

....well, he actually came 3 times this week!!!

The first parcel that came contained the pattern for this beauty!!

Margo Hardie made this version of the Gorsuch Quilt (she is still quilting it) and she received so much interest in it she decided to produce a pattern.

Included are full size pattern sheets and a CD of photos of each block.
Margo doesn't have a website or blog (yet), but if you want to contact Margo her email is  (no affiliations, just a happy customer)
Edited to add.....Margo now has a website here.

The second parcel to arrive was a long awaited one.

Lisa and I both thought this package of goodies might have lost its way! It seems it took the scenic route. Late last year Lisa had a giveaway on her blog and I was lucky enough to be one of her winners.

On the card inside the envelope Lisa gave details of the fabrics (one Smithsonian and 2 Shelburne) with the book. (Lisa was very generous in including them because she had an unavoidable delay in posting the package)

The book has a wonderful collection of small and large, and pieced and appliqued quilts. Lots of wonderful inspiration.  Thank you Lisa, especially for parting with those great fabrics! :)

The last package was a surprise from my sister (who is not a quilter....yet!!!)

I have already decided on 2 quilts I would love to make from the magazine. The videos are on the list to watch today. The weather is cold and wet here, so perfect for an inside day.

My thoughts today are with those facing weather extremes. There has been flooding rain over a large area of the eastern states of Australia. More rain is expected today. Also thinking of those affected by tornadoes in USA.

Take care everyone.


  1. Miriam,
    Isn't it fun to get goodies in the mail!! Gorgeous quilt! Hopefully soon you can get your sister to quilt.
    Bless the people in Australia with the floods. We have been lucky so far in our area with tornadoes.

  2. Fabulous goodies Miriam! That first pattern looks awesome -- is that your next project?

  3. Can. You. please bring. them. with. you. next. Friday. I. would love. to. see them. all. What wonderful parcels to get.

  4. So fun when quilty things arrive in the mail. I'm sure you will create another beauty with the Gorsuch quilt!

  5. I was the other winner of Lisa's giveaway. The fabrics are truly lovely and the book is just a wonderful collection of patterns. Glad you finally received your package.

  6. dear miriam,what a wonderful quilt this is,happy stitching,susi

  7. Whoa, what an amazing pattern by Margie, is it on the bucket list?
    Congrats on the goodies you won, looks like nice reading material.
    My thoughts to all those affected by the weather too, luckily we're high up and the flood haven't affected us.

  8. I love getting crafty stuff in the post. It as almost fun waiting for it to arrive too. The expectation is excruciating and the let down when the box is empty so disappointing. The arrival is equally brilliant. I think the first pattern is just your thing. Intricate, beautiful work that I would never have the patience for. Can't wait to see what you do with it all.

  9. I am so glad you showed your "Sisterhood" book - I have it, but I had forgotten about it - I just pulled it off the shelf and put it out to look at it again. I get too many books and then don't look at them for ages.

  10. quilt mail goodies are the best! LOVE that applique it is just beautiful.
    ok so hows that scrap magazine one I need? you know I love scrap quilts!!!! That dvd with the needleturn applique looks interesting
    and oh what a beautiful yellow rose....

  11. Glad that little parcel finally arrived.

  12. There sure are a lot of goodies there. I think that applique quilt is going to be a MAJOR project but it is certainly a stunner. The book looks very interesting too.

  13. The needleturn applique DVD is just fabulous!! Got one a year ago I think and it helped me so much!! Hope you like it too! HMMM can almost smell your rose!!! Take care, hugs, Daniëlle