Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coming up for air!

I have been busy with lots of sewing!

Successful flying geese! :)

I was so happy with the mini fit to be geese ruler I blogged about earlier, that I bought the larger ruler.

I have tried several different flying geese techniques before and I have found this ruler is the one that I am happiest with. There is very little wasted fabric. This little pile of scraps.... the waste from these flying geese..

I don't have a pile of little triangles I need to find a use for and I am not throwing out flying geese blocks because they have turned out too small or the angles are out. All problems I have struck trying other techniques.
Kathie also posted about this ruler recently.

Here are my flying geese sewn in a quilt. Just a sneak peek because its more secret sewing. :)

Monique Dillard, who designed the Fit to be Geese rulers has also written some books. (Monique also designs fabric) Her techniques and quilt designs are featured in these books.

I have a couple of fat quarter packs these books will be perfect for.

Another package in the mail revealed this..........

The pattern for Kim McLean's latest quilt, Pandemonium. Isn't it an amazing quilt!!

Just 2 more little houses.

You will notice one house is the mirror image of the other! I cut out the roof section of the house on the right the wrong way around! Instead of starting all over again (plus it was the only scrap I had like it), I decided to make the whole house the other way around. When it is in the quilt, no one will notice!

Currently I am also machine quilting 2 small quilts (pictures to come later).

Trailing vines is coming along well. I have almost finished the first panel!!! Yay! Can't wait till I have 2 panels made so I can join then with the sashing.

Hmmm...OK, I am a Gemini, so I "need" to have enough going on to keep 2 people occupied! Lol

It has been ages since I worked on Friends of Baltimore or Roseville Album, but they are certainly not forgotten.

Finally I have managed to get a half decent photo of my quilting and blogging buddy.

Meet Jasper, who is often found sharing my lap with my hand stitching.

Thank you to everyone who offered a solution to the quilt cleaning question in my previous post.

Ok...back to sewing...and

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers who read my blog. :)


  1. What a beautiful picture of Jasper.
    I love your tiny houses.

  2. A pat for Jasper first. Ok I need that ruler so I'm going looking. The books look great too and so does the dyslexic house. It'll add that extra bit of interest in the quilt.

  3. Your quilting buddy is darling. Love the browns on his/her coat. Do you actually get any of the room with your cat "helping??" Mine used to lay on my feet & stretch out--until the only room left on the ottoman was the very edges!! Guess he got too hot laying curled up. Did not even notice the 2nd house being unique--was looking at the fabrics you got to play with--will be hard to see with all the other houses. Who could not use a perfectly good scrap piece???? The pandemonium quilt looks delightful. Think of all the colors you will get to use in that. Gemini is not my sign, but the many projects is a life style for me!! Have a good weekend with lots of sewing.

  4. You (both) have been very busy. Lovely work as always.
    Did you buy the ruler from overseas? I have been researching this ruler but not sure if I will buy it or not.

  5. Beautiful flying geese fabric and sweet houses too. Pandemonium, wow, that is something! A long term project for sure.

  6. Pandemonium looks wonderful!! When will it be finished? :)) Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Wow! You are getting a lot done! Can't wait to see your secret project. The backward house will be a fun addition to your quilt and I think you are right. Most won't notice, but what a fun surprise for those who do!
    What a beautiful coat on Jasper!
    Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

  8. I have a ruler similar to yours. I might have to give it a try. Your geese turned out very nice.
    Oh, my goodness! That pattern is something. I can only imagine the hours spent on that quilt.
    Jasper is a beautiful cat. Love his coloring. I think your little houses are cute. It might be fun to have one going the opposite direction. You can make a game out of it and tell people to find the house that is the opposite. Sort of like Eye Spy.

  9. Jasper is a beautiful cat. I always have a quilting buddy :)
    Your flying geese are perfect!

  10. You manage to find the most wonderful quilts to work on...Pandemonium is just the BOMB!!

    And it was a pleasure meeting Jasper and getting caught up on all your projects...