Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lots of sewing!

The last week or 2 has been very productive, sewing wise. Plenty of progress on current projects, some new things, an old project being brought back to life and even a little finish!

Firstly, I completed my 2 Blogger's BOM blocks for July. The Split Ohio Star block comes from Victoria of Bumble Beans.

Bright block...

Repro block...

Only one more block to come now and we have all 12!

I have prepared some leaves ready to applique on my Liberty and linen quilt.

The current Roseville Album block is coming along well.

Last night I finished appliqueing the flower in the top left corner, so the next set of pieces have to be attached before I can progress on this block.

Last week I went to the Melbourne Quilt and Craft Show where I took 2 classes. I had never made socks before or made a clasp purse. Yesterday I put my new skills into practice and made this little purse.

The inside is lined with shot cotton.

You may recall the 2 fabrics from this post when I went to Amitie a few weeks ago.

The socks are still a work in progress. They are being made on circular needles, another first for me. :)

There was a wonderful show of quilts to see, including a special exhibition of 16 quilts, several of which were made by ladies who attend the same Friday sewing group as I do. You can see the Mrs Billings Coverlets and read more about them here, here and photos of them all here.

I have started another purse. This one will be made from lots of hexagons. I have about half of the 200 I need to prepare done. Here are a few.

Yes, more hexagons!! This time they are 1/2 inch.

The fabric I am using is the small pieces I had left over from the Morrell Quilt BOM.

The Morrell Quilt will be making more appearances on my blog because I have started to hand quilt it!


Hand quilting the Morrell quilt is going to be a marathon effort! It is my project for watching Games. (A huge thank you to Karen for squeezing in basting my quilt so quickly!)  Do you have a special project to work on while watching the Olympic Games on TV?
I have made a start on the centre and I can't wait to get out to some of the more interesting blocks.  The quilting thread I am using is Aurifil 28 and the batting is a wool blend. I have mostly used YLI quilting thread before and so far I am happy with the Aurifil. The hoop has a lap stand so I can quilt while comfortably seated on the couch!

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Miriam, so fun to see a new post with all your lovely blocks. I have not seen the pattern for Liberty & Linen quilt--looks gorgeous with the colors you have used on this block. I am a hexagon nut. Are your hexagons going to be made into the same kind of purse with the metal clasp?? What size are you using?? I am going to watch your progress on the Morrell quilt as I just have the pattern & am trying to pick out my fabrics to use. Your center pieces already have me thinking differently. Did you pick out the fabrics for this quilt?? So many questions---- Thanks, Judy

  2. Wow Miriam, you've been SO busy this week. I love the vibrant colours your bright Ohio Star block. The liberty leaves are gorgeous. The Roseville applique is beautiful, your fabric selections are really lovely. And the sweet purse. So many delightful creations!

  3. Oh Man....that Morrell quilt is going to be gorgeous -- I can't wait to see it finished! You've certainly been busy this week -- good for you!

  4. Your hexagon purse will look gorgeous. Will patiently wait to see the finished Morrell quilt.

  5. wow what a beautiful post with so many lovely thing!
    I love the hexies for the next purse.
    The Morrell quilt will be stunning!
    I love the little change purse too, so cute!

  6. This post is FULL of beautiful goodness! Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    You've been a busy girl!

  7. Love seeing all your beautiful projects, especially the Morrell quilt. Please continue sharing your progress. I have the Aurifil 28 for hand piecing, but haven't tried it for quilting yet. I'm stitching 1" hexagons while watching the olympics.

  8. I've been tossing up whether to make a hexagon purse for a while now, but I think I will watch your progress instead :)

    I use Aurifil 28 as well, it's a nice thread and gives a good effect.

  9. Are you sure you're not a twin Miriam? That there's not actually two of you accomplishing all these gorgeous goodies? Maybe triplets? The yellow roses on your header always make me sigh and smile and by the time I have read your post and enjoy your pictures I am truly content and inspired!

    I have some purse frames I have been meaning to try for ages so I'll look forward to hearing about your class and any tips you have. mx

  10. You are always working away at something. I didn't know there was a purse making class at the show. I have the pattern but never been brave enough to try making it. Perfect choice of fabric.

  11. wow! What a great post! so many amazing projects!!

  12. Always such pretty stuff.
    Your little purse is sweet.
    I will do hand quilting in the winter. I will work on some embroidery right now while I am watching the Olympics.

  13. love all the projects you are working on! the change purse looks difficult it is great that you learn new things keeps us on the edge doesn`t it.
    But that Morrell quilt is gorgeous I love it! and hand quilting it will be just an awesome task and well worth the rewards.

  14. Miriam, I have not commented on your blog before, but I do enjoy reading it and seeing all of your lovely projects. I hesitate to say anything, but as a fellow quilter, I know I would want to know - I was admiring your beautiful bright Split Ohio Star block when I noticed that the left side quarter-square block is turned sideways. I double checked the pattern against the one below. You probably already caught this on your own. Anyway, I'm really loving seeing your blocks each time.

  15. Such a very beautiful Post - I love your work!
    Hugs - Lurline.