Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The winner is....

Thank you to everyone who entered and helped me celebrate more than 200 posts and 200 followers! Thank you for all the wonderful and encouraging comments. Its great to hear from my regular readers/commenters and especially great to hear from those who have never left a comment on my blog before. It has been fun to "meet" some new-to-me bloggers and visit some new-to-me blogs.

I numbered all the comments and asked my random number generator (my DS) to pick a number.

He chose Barb from Fun with Barb who said...

congrats on finishing your shnibble top, it is wonderful. I like you plan for the next one and look forward to seeing what you choose.
The DM blocks are so tiny and sooo awesome.
You've got a lot of fun projects going on.
Lovely giveaway - count me IN IN IN

I have emailed Barb and I will get the book into the post for you Barb when I get your mailing details.

Not much has been happening on the sewing front because we have had an overseas visitor staying with us for a few days.

I have completed a few more delelctable mountain blocks and I am happy to say I am still well ahead of my one-a-week goal. :)

I was inspired by this quilt on Jackie's blog (didn't she do a wondeful job!!) to start making a whole pile of flying geese myself...

I don't usually sew with sparkly fabric (except maybe for Christmas time), but I wanted a fabric that said Australia and this is what I found deep down in my stash!  Some Geese have been stitch together, but the rotary cutter and sewing machine are going to be busy for a few more days yet!

Remembering Duncan.


  1. Congratulations to Barb! Nice to hear that your goals are being met with the Delectable Mountains. What a lovely sentiment for Duncan.

  2. Wow! How exciting! Thank you so much. Thank you son for my good luck!
    Your flying geese blocks will make a great quilt. Will you set them like Jackie?

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  4. Congrats to Barb.
    Love the stack of geese - very nice!

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