Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Learning to rock, and lots more.

Well, its been a couple of weeks since my last post, so there has been some stitching happening here! :)

Each summer Somerset holds a Summer School with various classes held over about 2 weeks. This year I attended the hand quilting class. I have, unsuccessfully, tried to hand quilt by rocking before. This time, just one little change to my technique and it works!!! I know I need to keep practicing, but I am happy with how my stitches are progressing.

I tried both the Thimblelady thimble and the Roxanne thimble. At the moment I am most comfortable using the Thimblelady thimble.

Here in Melbourne the week before last we had a 4 day heatwave that saw temperatures well over 40 C.  I hid inside and distracted myself with some sewing.

The week before I had been in the city and visited my favourite shop and purchased this pattern.

L'ucello collaborated with French General to produce this sewing accessory pattern using a French General line of fabric that will be released later this year.

I made 2 needlebooks for friends having birthdays.

I used French General fabrics I had on hand. The flowers on the covers are appliqued with hand broderie perse.

The inside is finished with mother of pearl buttons. I did a machine buttonhole stitch around each leaf of the book.

Last week was the annual Fabric Frolic here in Melbourne. I was lucky enough to win a voucher from Ringwood Sewing Centre! :)
This is what I came home with.

The Clover pen was one recommended during the hand quilting class. The Swatch Buddies will mean I won't have a purse full of little scraps of fabric! Lol. Now I will be able to use those clips instead of pins when I am stitching down bindings.  The Japanese fabrics just had to come home also...can't resist half price!

A little bit of hand applique has also been happening.

Block 2 of Noah and Matilda is complete.

Block 4 is underway.

I'm still not sure whether to continue with the print fabric for the 8 outer flowers. I am wondering if a plain red might look better. What do you think??

I have started to prepare block 3. All the templates have been cut, fabrics chosen and cut and an overlay made. Its a doozey!!!!

We are experiencing another heatwave here in Melbourne! Luckily we get a reprieve tomorrow, then its a few more hot days with an even hotter weekend!

I rescued these roses from my garden this morning.


  1. The heat has been terrible.....I think you handled it in the best possible way....hiding inside with some lovely stitching! The needlecases are very sweet, I'm sure they will be loved. Your blocks are coming along nicely too.

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Your hand quilting is exquisite, such tiny stitches. I love the needle cases - lucky friends! I think the red print fabric looks fabulous for Noah and Matilda. It was sooooo hot today (42C) I'm sure the beautiful roses would prefer the indoors.

  3. Your quilting looks fabulous! It's 9 below here in Michigan today. So cold!

  4. gorgeous roses! Your needle books are so lovely, what lucky friends! Your quilting is fine and beautiful. Pretty applique blocks too -

  5. Looks like you were just too busy to write posts for your blog!! What awesome projects!

  6. Well I would certainly say you have the hang of rocking now. Your stitches are pretty fabulous.

    Hand quilting is on my bucket list of things to learn but I never seem to find (make) the time to learn. Maybe this year?

  7. Hi Miriam, Hand quilting is on my want to do list. Yours looks great. Such tiny stitches.
    The fabrics you have chosen for Noah and Matilda are just perfect. I like the little fussy cut flowers in block 4.

  8. I kind of like the print fabric for those flowers. Your quilting looks great -- I wish I could learn the rocking techinque, I think it would make my quilting go a little faster. And I think your extreme heat waves are somehow corresponding to our extreme cold waves -- it's weird!

  9. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  10. Handquilting is an art. Keep those fingers covered and protected! You are starting off right. I'm a bad girl, I can't use athimble. But I do use sticky pads on my fingers.
    Beautiful roses!

  11. Your hand quilting looks wonderful, what was the one tip that clicked for you? I love your French General needle book and the other goodies you picked up. The red prints look fine to me, carry on, lol. Stay cool indoors and enjoy your beautiful roses.

  12. Looks like you have really got the knack with the hand quilting - wonderful even stitches - do hope you find it enjoyable. I wish I could join you but the arthritis will not permit :(
    Love your little needle books. Your Noah and Matilda blocks are beautiful- yummy fabrics!

  13. I could Do with a Lesson on That Too! Your Stitches are Beautiful.
    Stay Cool, I'm hoping to Visit L'ucello again in November! A trip down is being Planned!!! And a Get-Together!

  14. Love to see the hand quilting. It is so relaxing to sit and stitch. Your stitches look wonderful!

  15. your quilting is looking so pretty! I have a Roxanne thimble too but never use it, I finally got used to it and then I developed a bump on that finger and it rubbed it too much! oh well - I will stick with others that stick on my fingers instead! love your pretty roses.

  16. Its winter here so your roses are especially pretty to me! Whenever I read your blog, I see the yellow roses on the header and they remind me of my mom's old fashioned roses. A happy memory!

    Those are lovely needlebooks and I think your friends will really enjoy them.

  17. Way to rock!! Looks great.
    Love your needle books, lucky friends.
    Your NM blocks are fabulous in those fabrics. The prints are wonderful.
    Happy stitching! We have a big snow rolling in...

  18. Your hand quilting looks so perfect, beautiful small stitches. I've heard so many good things about the Thimblelady thimbles, I'd love to try one one day. It's certainly been a hot summer , it's good you've got such wonderful projects to work on.

  19. Indoor flowers make the temperature a little more bearable! Your quilting stitches are so neat and even. Lovely needle books and I always admire the beauty of your applique.

  20. Gorgeous needle cases. I would like to hand quilt better too!

  21. your quilting looks perfect to me. I have trouble getting my stitches on the back looking even. The gifts you made are so pretty as are the roses!