Monday, January 13, 2014

New projects for 2014 and a WIP

The new year always begins with a flurry of new projects appearing in blogland. Lots of them are tempting, however there are never enough hours in the day to do them all!! Lol

I have chosen 2 new quilts, both in BOM format.

The first is the Noah and Matilda Album Quilt from Dawn. Dawn owns the original quilt and, together with her DD, they have drawn up patterns for the quilt. Each month a set of four patterns is available for purchase.
Here is my first block completed.

I chose to piece the flower pot, then applique it down. The blocks finish at 8 inches.

These are the fabrics I have chosen for this quilt.

The solid green, far right, is actually the back of a print, which I may use both ways around. I hope to not have to buy any fabrics to finish this quilt (except for the backing).

The 2nd project appears as a mystery BOM in Quiltmania magazine.  The edition with the first set of instructions arrived here on Friday.

Di Ford's mystery quilt, Mountmellick, began with the centre medallion instructions. There is also a great video of Di making the first block on Quiltmania's Facebook page.

(I am having trouble getting on to Quiltmania's web page at the moment. I will add links later. There is a photo of the first block on Threadbear's below)

Even though I will be getting my BOM fabrics from Threadbear, I had a play with my fabrics here yesterday (all French General) :)

I may not make the block with these fabrics, but it was fun to play.

Another very tempting project is the Benjamin Biggs Quilt. There is a blog for this quilt here. This is another (mostly) red and green album quilt, free to download, but the blocks finish at 16 inches! It will be a huge quilt! My first idea was to maybe shrink the patterns down to make smaller blocks. At the moment I have chosen to print out the patterns while they are available, and keep them for another day.

I'm not ignoring all those WIPs I have here!!! This is my progress so far on my latest Roseville Album block.

Lots of stitching to keep me busy while watching the Australian Open tennis on TV.

With expected temperatures forecast to be around 40  degrees C (104F) for the next 4 days, I will be spending lots of time inside in front of the TV!

If you are in Australia, keep cool, if you are in the Northern Hemishere, keep warm. Stay safe everyone!


  1. I like your [pretend ]fabrics. I got my Quiltmania today and I found a metre of the border fabric in my cupboard. Haven't decided on any of the other fabrics yet for Di's BOM.

  2. Lovely choices. I think stitching in the aircon will be the best thing to do this week.

  3. Great projects and beautiful fabrics you have chosen! Love the large floral on the French General collection - great for broderie perse? I know what you mean about all the quilt choices - sooo tempting. I've taken on the B Biggs but am so tempted by the Noah and Matilda too...

  4. They are all beautiful quilts and you are committing to a lot of work. Enjoy the journey.

  5. Lots and lots of great projects! I like your color choices.

  6. Wonderful choices! You will be a busy girl!

  7. Love all your fabric choices. I'm impressed you pieced the basket! Happy you joined in.
    Fun to have new projects, and revisit UFOs too.
    Fabulous work!!

  8. Resisting the new projects has been hard this year! I love your fabrics for dawn's quilt - my favorite color way :0) it will be fun to follow your progress in the coming year.

  9. Oooh, so many beautiful projects, so little time! I can't wait to see your progress!

  10. Looking forward to following your Projects Pretty Fabrics
    It's been quite Chilly over here but I am not missing all that Heat!

  11. I love those piles of fabric! However they get used they will make a beautiful quilt!

  12. Those are projects I'm looking coward to watching. I'm being good and not giving in to temptation. Your fabrics look wonderful and so does your block.

  13. See, already there is too much temptation! I must investigate further Di's BOM and I love love love the colours for the first one! Keep cool Miriam, we are hot up here too and am also hibernating in front of the tv watching the tennis lol.

  14. looks like you have some great projects planned for the year. I will enjoy watching your progress.