Sunday, February 9, 2014

Harikuyo 2014 and lots of applique

Once again it is time for the Festival of Needles, a Japanese tradition, where stitchers give thanks for their needles.
On February 8th each year broken needles are honored by laying them at rest.
I collect my broken and worn needles in the back of my needlebook.

I have placed my needles in some soft batting, placed them in a container to be buried in my rose garden.

My needles have been used for machine and hand piecing, applique, quilting and embroidery. Hours of meditation, improving my skills and creating useful and decorative objects for myself and others.

To learn lots more about Hari-Kuyo click here.  Susan also has lots more about the Festival on her blog here.

In the last few days I have managed to finish 3 different hand applique blocks.

Firstly Block 18 of CCCQ, Mary Mc Kissick.

I have started stitching the 2nd set of Noah and Matilda blocks. This one is Red Leaf Bouquet.

Lastly is the block that took the longest. My first completed corner block for Roseville Album.

Some close ups..

Keep safe everyone! Here it is very hot and windy with high fire danger. We can see and smell smoke. Don't worry we are safe!! The high winds are bringing smoke from fires away from us.
We are looking forward to a cool change later today.


  1. everything looks so pretty - I hope you get no fires! I had not heard of burying your needles :)

  2. What an interesting tradition with the needles. Your appliqué is terrific. Especially the Roseville. You're one block closer to the end!

  3. The idea of burying needles is new to me. It sounds like a wonderful tradition, they are such a valued tool of the trade. Your appliqué is gorgeous, especially the corner block.

  4. I've never heard of Harikuyo, it sounds wonderful, I'll have to look into it. I like the idea of honouring your needles by burying them. Your blocks are beautiful, I especially love the Roseville Album block.

  5. What a way to honor our old needles!
    Lovely appilque!

  6. Your blocks are wonderful - love the applique closeups - you set such a high standard! I particularly like the fabric used on the flowers in the Red Leaf Bouquet block - very textural. What a sweet Japanese tradition - love it :)

  7. Based on the number of broken needles you have Miriam, it looks like you've had lots of good stitching time this past year. Your applique is beautiful, as always. Your fabric selections are always fresh and fun.

    May your needles continue to bless you and your work. Susan

  8. Beautiful blocks Miriam, I really like the red you used in Noah and Matilda.
    Glad you are safe from the fires. We are having ice and snow here and hoping the power does not go off.