Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Things that make me happy! :)


My new grandson and his daddy's hands. I love this photo my daughter sent me. They are going to take this photo every year on the baby's birthday. I wonder how long it will take for both hands to be the same size.

Mummy and son's hands.

This week my niece and her partner also welcomed a new baby into their family. This means that my husband and his brother both became grandfathers within less than a week of each other!

More things that make me happy...

A strawberry in the garden in June!! It was delicious!

Hand sewing.

Two more applique blocks for Noah and Matilda.


and double flower.

To finish the May blocks I have lots of little cherries to make.
The June installment is the patterns for the corner blocks and the borders. I think I will be saving those patterns and get back to Noah and Matilda in July.

Happy mail. :)

Recently I discovered Alison of Cotton Factory on Instagram. I ordered this little bundle of Amy Butler fat quarters. Alison kindly included the 2 patterns too! :) I love that top fabric! (so much so I ordered some more! Lol)

A win!!

This is a big one!

Lynne of Lily's Quilts had a giveaway on her blog and her Facebook and Instagram pages. The prize is supplied by Brenda of Pink Castle fabrics and is membership of their Cotton and Steel Club.
Each month, for 12 months, I will receive 12 fat quarters from Cotton and Steel's brand new collections. That is 144 fat quarters of delicious fabric!

Flowers in the garden.

We had a very mild May and temperatures continue to be above average in June, so there are some surprising blooms for this time of year.

And last, but not least, all my followers and readers.   Thank you!


  1. always great having a new baby in the family. What a wonderful win that you will be getting all year!

  2. Wow - you have a great deal to celebrate Miriam! Love the hand photos. Beautiful new applique blocks :)

  3. I love the baby/parent hands photos. What a great idea.
    And congratulations on your wonderful win!

  4. What adorable photos. Those tiny hands are just so precious. I've been working on cherries and cactus too. How nice to have a few more blooms before the weather changes. We all have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing your happy list.

  5. Wow! What a great win. Looking forward to seeing the fabrics as you get them. I'll bring the knitting pattern on Friday.

  6. oh my goodness miriam - what a great win - and the little hands are just beautiful - looking fwd to seeing some more grandma brag photos soon :)

  7. That first hand picture is so very precious!! What an amazing win - how fun will that be every month!! Your applique is lovely - especially like the second block :0)

  8. OMG that hand picture just melts my heart.
    congratulations…..what a great week for you too!
    144 fat quarters what fun that will be
    love your blocks….

  9. So much happiness! That is such a gorgeous photo, and taking it every year will be such a special momento. Lovely sewing and flowers too.

  10. I do love the first photo too........precious..........

  11. I love the hand photo. What a terrific way to measure growth each year. Wonderful cactus. I grew up in the desert so I'm fond of pokey things.

  12. Not much is sweeter than a babies hand :-). I think their photo plan is a great idea.
    Love your blocks! I think our cactus are the same fabric.
    Enjoy your wins!

  13. Miriam I traced around my childrens' hands and family hands and appliqued them to the back of their first big boys bed quilt. Hand fabric used was the personality of the person :-)
    Just food for thought for later

  14. what a wonderful post - Loved the baby hand photo - just precious.
    congrats on the BIG win! wow have fun

  15. What a great list of things that make you happy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of Daddy and Baby's hands -- what a great idea to take it every year. And Congratulations on your fun Cotton and Steel win -- that's exciting!!!

  16. What an amazing week for you.The hands photo is such a clever idea. Congratulations on the incredible fabric win. Love your N&M blocks, the cactus is very unique.

  17. Loving the hands photo's. Such a wonderful time of celebration in your household, plus a great win yay!! xo