Saturday, September 13, 2014

I think he likes it!!!!

I finished an alphabet wall hanging for my Grandson this week. He is enchanted with all the bright colours. I bought the panel a few months ago and simply used a cotton batting, machine quilted it around each square and bound it with a red and white spot.

This morning I started quilting his boat quilt.

 I have been playing around with choosing patterns and fabrics for my next project/s!!!

I have had these patterns for a little while now, waiting for the right fabrics to come along. I won't be starting them for a while, but its is always fun to play with putting fabrics and colours together.

I haven't been ignoring my reproduction fabrics.

This week I also finished the next CCCQ block.

Block 24 Alice Richmond.

The oak leaf and reel pattern is one of the very first patterns I appliqued and it is still a favourite of mine.

After looking at some photos I took of my lone star progress I decided I wasn't happy with the colour layout. Over the last couple of weeks I have asked for opinions and played with fabric arrangements until I was happy.
This is what my lone star looks like now....

I have taken out both dark green fabrics and replaced the pink points with red.

This month's Noah and Matilda blocks are coming along. No stitching yet, but I have made all the templates and chosen the fabrics.

I am attempting to find more sewing time by spending less time on the computer.  However, I am missing the interaction with other bloggers.  Does anyone else use Instagram? (I am mjnorindr if you would like to look for me) I have found several bloggers on Instagram and I found it much quicker to post and comment than on blogs.

Spring is here in Melbourne. The weather is warmer and the days are getting longer.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. oh he does love that quilt, so fun and bright!
    how adorable he is. love your lone star I think its going to be stunning.
    yes I miss the blogging world too, seems everyone is just too busy I guess. Yes, IG is faster and instant gratification but it is not the same

  2. I think you know I am on IG- I find I get less visits and comments to my blog these days, but I'm okay with that! As long as there is some sharing happening, after all! Thimbleblossoms will be great in that colour palette!

  3. Your Lone Star is looking lovely. Great photos of the little man.

  4. Miriam how Adorable is He...Beautiful Boy
    He really was absorbing the Quilt...your lone star is just Beautiful I realiy love that pink flower row
    Talk on IG

  5. Precious little one. Obviously bright colors of happiness!

  6. A-dorable!! what a sweet baby and quilt! great photos.
    Love the colors you are using is the star - LOVE THEM

  7. You can tell your adorable grandson loves his quilt.. And your lone star quilt has a lovely radiating effect. I'm slowly working on my N&M blocks too.

  8. He looks totally smitten with those cut blocks in the quilt! what a sweetie...hugs, Julierose

  9. Such a precious little guy Miriam and he looks so happy! As always I love all of your projects. I prefer Instagram to blogging these days. So much quicker to post and comment.

  10. Yeah, seeing that picture of that little guy, he looks that he really like it! =) Send Flowers and Gifts to Philippines