Saturday, November 29, 2014

How can it be almost the end of November?

This year has flown by!!! It feels like it should be about August, not almost December.

This month has been particularly busy for me, so there has been a bit less time for stitching.

My priorities are my 2 BOM subscriptions.

We are up to Block 26 with the Chester Criswell Quilt. I love the design of this block!!

Block 26 Elizabeth Cummins:

So far I have completed only 1 1/2 blocks for Noah and Matilda.


Current progress on Open Flower Wreath:

I will get another photo up when its done. Take a look at a photo of Dawn's version of the block here. I love this block!!! I think this block would make a wonderful centre for a small medallion quilt!

Here is some of what has been keeping me busy;

My daughter has started making and selling clothes and accessories for babies and children, concentrating on boys clothes, but not forgetting the girls.  A couple of days a week I take care of my grandson while she sews. Her business is young and she has started doing some craft markets as well as having a webpage, a Facebook page (Krome Butterfly) and an Instagram account. (@Kromekids) If you are on or near the Mornington Peninsula tomorrow we will be at the Point Nepean Craft Market at Portsea.  Come and say hi if you visit.

I'll be back soon with more stitching. There are a few more things I have been sewing. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Lovely progress with your blocks. Sewing takes second place when more important things have to be done. Good luck to your daughter on her business venture.

  2. I swear it was only yesterday that I turned the "November" page of the calendar over! Good luck with the market-it looks like a very pretty stall! I'll be down that way next weekend....

  3. Your CCC - Elizabeth Cummins Block 26 looks great! I also like the other Noah and Matilda BOM. What interesting designs and great color! The open wreath is going to be lovely as well! All the best to your daughter's new business - YAY! for sewing!

  4. Glad you're still working on your BOM's. Your daughter's clothing line is super cute and the photos of the kids modeling are adorable. Good luck on her endeavor.

  5. Yes, I also love the design of block #26 and you have chosen the perfect fabric for it - I should get started on mine. All the best for your daughter's sewing business.