Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Morrell Quilt blocks

These are a few more Morrel Quilt blocks I have completed. The first 2 are broderie perse blocks. They are stitched by hand with buttonhole stitch using a single strand of matching Gutterman cotton thread. I have finished 6 of the 24 broderie perse blocks so far. I had never done broderie perse before and I am finding it quite enjoyable...........although I do need to make a pieced or appliqued block in between. When I started this quilt I didn't realise how long it would take to make all those tiny stitches!! With practice I think my stitches are getting neater.

The 3rd picture is of a pieced block. Several of the pieced blocks have lots of fussy cutting, which I love.

The last block is another appliqued block. I used Gutterman silk for this block. On the recommendation of a wonderful quilting friend I have since started using YLI silk in a taupe colour. Gosh, that is wonderful thread to use!!!
To finish today here is a photo of a flowering daphne from my garden. The plant is 7 years old and was propagated by my mother from a cutting taken from a plant in my grandfather's garden. It is in a large pot by my front door and at the moment the scent is wonderful!


  1. welcome to blogland............what is the story of the morrell quilt

  2. Your work is outstanding! I have so enjoyed reading your posts this early morning and seeing your work.

  3. You are the first person I have seen in blogland doing broderie perse, I love those blocks. You do great work. Love you nature photos too. I see you are new to blogging so Welcome! Have fun!

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