Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Morrell Quilt Blocks

These 3 blocks are my latest finished for the Morrell Quilt. The first is another broderie perse block with the design cut from the same fabric as the peacock block.

The second block is one of the quicker blocks to finish (thank goodness after some of the trickier blocks!!) This one is just needle roll applique.

The last block is a sunburst star. Well, its certainly not perfect but its done! It was hand pieced in sections like slices of a pie, then sections were pieced in pairs before they were all joined together. The whole star was then needle roll appliqued onto the background fabric. As I got closer to the end my points were getting a bit better. Some are pretty wobbly! LOL More practice!

The next broderie perse block has a border of triangles around it. In the last class we had I learnt paper piecing using freezer paper. That method will make getting those triangles to line up properly a whole lot easier. :)

The last photo is some orchids from my garden. The plant has done very well this year and there are 6 more branches still to flower.


  1. just beautiful blocks
    that star is wonderful, we are always our hardest critics...
    what an accomplishment
    I am loving seeing these blocks as my make them
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful blocks Miriam....I agree with Kathie, what an accomplishment!

  3. Your blocks are just lovely Miriam, as is your orchid.


  4. Your blocks look just fine to me! That sunburst looks like a lot of work! Very beautiful.

  5. wow that star burst is beautiful..........what is needle roll applique??.......
    I have never grown orchids but know it is a chllenge to get flowers like this well done........

  6. Beautiful blocks! One day I will try broderie perse. The star is lovely, as is the orchids from your garden.

  7. Beautiful blocks but oh how I love that star!!!