Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friends of Baltimore Block 1....progress...

I have finally got to the stitching part of the first block of Sue Garman's Friends of Baltimore

Last week I made the flag....

There will be stars added to the flag later.

For placement I used transparencies for the first time. I took the pattern sheets to Officeworks and had them photocopied onto overhead transparencies, I tried printing with our home printer and then also tracing with a pigma micron pen, but in both cases the printing rubbed off.
So far I have found using transparencies works well.

I started to applique with freezer paper templates on top. I found the freezer paper lifted when sewing small pieces (thank you Crispy for all your hints!) I traced around each FP template and cut each out with a narrow seam allowance and removed the freezer paper. I stitched with needleturn and used matching YLI silk thread on most pieces.

Today I prepared the eagle's wings and body. Instead of appliqueing all those tiny gold ovals I decided to reverse applique them. The largest ovals are about 2 cm ( about 3/4 inch) long.
The original eagle is blue, as seems to be the tradition with many BA quilts. I decided to make my eagle brown.

Tonight I started to applique the eagle. Here is as far as I have sewn...

Next will be the rest of the eagle,and leaves and flowers.

Click here to see a photo of the Friends of Baltimore quilt on Sue Garman's blog. Sue is still hand quilting the quilt.

Today I have also been enjoying the perfume of my jonquils.

To see the other projects I have been working on see my previous post....


  1. Oooo I love your choice to use brown for the eagle instead of blue!! Your reverse applique is so much better than mine :0)

    For my overlays I use clear vinyl that you can purchase at fabric stores and is often used for covering furniture and draw my lines with a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point pen. The Sharpie ink never rubs off.


  2. Wow, that's beautiful!!!

    Greetings from Debby

  3. Oh I am going to love your eagle block!!

  4. wow the fabric not he wings is perfect!

  5. This eagle is going to be a very handsome fellow! Love his baggy pantaloons.

  6. It looks like a very complicated block but you are attacking it with all the skills in your repertoire. Thankyou for the introduction to Sue Garman's blog. I as still wiping the drool off my computer.

  7. Miriam,
    I had rather do needleturn myself. This is going to be a treasure! I have several of Sue Garman's patterns ... love them.
    Your post below is gorgeous as well. You amaze with all you accomplish!

  8. wow, those are some very intricate blocks you will be working on.
    thanks so much for the get well wishes. I am doing better.

  9. Nice job on the ovals. I wouldn't of thought to reverse applique them.