Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Everything is progressing slowly, but progressing nonetheless!

Yesterday I finished the last block of Tailfeathers. Here they are all together.

I now have to sew them together, make several borders and the four corner blocks.

Over the weekend I completed 2 more of Barbara Brackman's civil war blocks.
Here are the 16 blocks I have completed so far...

I have also been working on my first Friends of Baltimore block. Today I plan to do some (tiny!!) reverse applique. I will post some photos later today.


  1. love the tail feathers, I wonder if I will ever get to that one - I'm in the middle of too many things!!

  2. I adore your Tail Feather!!! It is so, so cute. I also love those CW blocks.

  3. Im looking forward to seeing your Baltimore Applique blocks. I was going to do that one it was a toss up and a hard choice should i do both, but then i decided i would do the Mary Mannakee BOM instead. Can't start on the blocks as yet as im not a fan of the background fabric im thinking something with a print.

    Adele xx

  4. Hi Miriam, Brave brave starting on Friends of Baltimore! I subscribed to the patterns but totally freaked out when I saw the rather minute size of some of the pieces. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  5. It's a good way to work, jumping from project to project. Never to suffer with boredom. The CW blocks are close to my heart and the Tailfeathers blocks are very cute.

  6. The Tail Feathers quilt is adorable!! It's great seeing all the Brackman blocks together too :0)

    I too can hardly wait to see the Balitmore. My hat is off to you on those tiny reverse applique bits, reverse applique is not my favorite thing to do LOL.


  7. Miriam, that is just so beautiful! You must be so pleased. Truly lovely.

    Your CW blocks are gorgeous too!

  8. Wow Miriam, the tail feathers quilt is looking beautiful! Good luck with the log cabin borders :) !


  9. Your bird quilt is beautiful. Congrats on getting the blocks done.
    Great civil war blocks too. I love the one in the left hand bottom corner.