Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tail Feathers progress

My arm is staring to feel better now, so I got out a machine pieced project.

Yesterday I joined together all the blocks for my Tail Feathers quilt and added the white border.

The next border for this quilt is a series of log cabin blocks, All the fabric came as pre cut strips, so I have been able to sew them all up too.

Last time I tried to make log cabin blocks they were a disaster!!! This time I used LOTS of spray starch!!

24 much better log cabin blocks!

Today I sewed together all the borders and added the 2 side borders to the quilt centre.....

....and started the 4 corner blocks.

I expect it will be several more weeks before my arm is well enough to do any hand sewing, so it will be a while before I add the embroidery to finish the corner blocks.

It did feel good to be sewing again!! :)

(Must say, I can't wait to get back to needle turn applique!!!)

Yellow banksia rose blooming in my garden.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. hi miriam,that looks pretty good,hope your arm is soon feeling better,susi

  2. Glad you arm is well enough for some machine work. Your LC blocks are lovely and you've gotten a lot done, you must have been ready to sew again :)

  3. That's going to be a cute quilt Miriam -- I'm sure glad your arm is feeling better. Don't overdo! ;-)

  4. It's beautiful, Miriam and I use lots of starch too with log cabin blocks.

  5. Miriam,
    Glad your arm is better! The quilt is gorgeous!! I actually cut log cabin strips yesterday :) Love the roses!

  6. Ahh Miriam, so glad your arm is getting better, I hope it keeps on getting stronger and stronger. Your quilt is amazing, I clicked on it and checked out your gorgeous stitchery and applique on it. Perfect log cabins I'd say!!! xo

  7. Such a pretty quilt. Love the fabrics.

  8. Very warm and cozy. Beautiful colors and your log cabins look perfect.

  9. That is a lovely pattern Miriam. Those birds are very cute. Take it slowly, your health is important.
    Your banksia rose looks beautiful, don't you love this time of year in the garden?

  10. Hi Miriam,

    Love this pattern and your quilt is just awesome,you did a great work.

    Glad you arm is well.

  11. It must have felt good to be able to sew and to get the top to that stage. It looks fabulous, the border blocks look pretty good to me. Continue caring for your arm.

  12. This is the cutest quilt! It's nice to see it come together. I agree with you, I've never had good luck with log cabin blocks, either.