Friday, March 28, 2014

A Busy week...

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend a 2 day workshop with Margaret Sampson George at Linda's
Last June Linda a held a similar weekend with Marg and I started Jane Pizar. This year Marg brought with her lots more ideas for new quilts, but wanted to continue on with Jane Pizar. Marg has drafted some patterns for the surrounding blocks and I made a start.

Instead of piecing all the elements in the centre of the circle, I just pieced the star and appliqued it to the background. I also appliqued the narrow brown print circle.
Jane Pizar has a huge variety of fabrics and this block contains fabrics as different as one from Bonnie and Camille's latest collection April Showers and a small piece from the Clarissa White Alford Collection for the Shelburne Museum by RJR.

Last night I made a start piecing my 2nd block.

I bought these 2 packs of hexies as inspiration for me to make one of Mrag's other quilts, one day.

More photos from the weekend here and  here.


This week I also made a little pin cushion for my sister. I used Liberty fabrics.

I found the free pattern here.

Today I went back to Linda's with about 25 other ladies to look at antique quilts and blocks....and some quilts and blocks inspired by antique quilts. Sharon and I both brought our CCCQ blocks and we spread them all out together.

My blocks on the right and Sharon's on the left.

And from the other end of the table...Sharon's blocks on the right and mine on the left..

 Now for a little bit of nature.

Alpacas at Linda's.

Notice the little baby black alpaca bottom centre! :)

Birdlife on a walk near home..

A lovely walk along Balnarring beach on Monday. You might be able to just see Phillip Island on the horizon.

 Lastly, something from my garden.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

A little note to say thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post. Much appreciated!! :)
I tried to reply to everyone. Thank you Sally and Tina; I couldn't reply directly to you because you are "no reply-commenters".


  1. Boy, you've got some serious quilting projects on the go Miriam. They're beautiful and I'm enjoying watching your progress!

  2. love all your quilts Jane Pizar has always caught my attention although I do not know if I will ever make it.

  3. Lovely post Miriam. All your projects are looking lovely, especially the CCCQ blocks, they are gorgeous. Thanks for the little bird pincushion link, will definitely check that out. Autumn is such a great season to enjoy the outdoors.

  4. I saw there was a MSG workshop in Sydney Today I am getting Very Interested in her work...Think I need to do one of her Workshops...
    Lovely Progress and your CCCQ Blocks are Beautiful...

  5. Great post Miriam! So lovely to see yours and Sharon's CCCQ blocks lined up together. Love that little pin cushion and the background fabric for your Jane Pizar.

  6. Lots of lovely pictures Miriam. Thanks for sharing that cute little pincushion.

  7. I have enjoyed seeing all your recent posts. Always lovely projects you are working on. Cute bird!