Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fabric finds

I went to a fabric sale last week and had some great finds. The top piece is a Liberty fabric with red roses. very me! :) I just love the 2 top fabrics on the 2 piles of fabric in the top photo. I searched around and found some other fabrics to go with them. I managed to get 50% off some of those! Got to love a bargain!!!

I love going to this shop. They stock lots of bright, cheery fabrics and everyone who works there is really friendly. It always makes me feel happy as soon as I walk in the door!

I looked through my stash when I got home and found some other fabrics that work with the new ones.


  1. Oooo pretty fabrics. Love the blue/green stack. Got a project in mind for these?


  2. Love the fabric! My eyes went straight to the red rose fabric. Just beautiful. But, the two on the top of the piles...I love, love, love them!

  3. You have got me wanting to go fabric hunting too :) They are very good choices and I am sure they will be turned into some fabulous things. :)

  4. I love that fabric, too. I think my eye was more drawn to the turquoise on the bottom right. I want to make a quilt using those colors!

  5. lovely fabrics..........nice combinations........