Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Spring is in the air. The days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer and the blossom trees are flowering. This is our plum tree.

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday. We shared a "yum cha" lunch, then went fabric shopping. No quilting shops on the list this time; they were all dressmaking fabric shops. I found this lovely piece of silk chiffon. I haven't decided whether to make a dress or a floaty skirt from it. The shop I bought this fabric from is so crowded with treasures you can hardly walk all the way around. Every time we visit there is something different to see. They often have the ends of rolls of fabrics used by local designers who still have their clothes sewn here.

I have spent a few hours today preparing more Morrell Quilt blocks, so for the next post I will have something much more "quilty" to see.

These are Australian native plants. Their common name is Dwarf Emu Bush. I have both the red and pink forms in my garden. The red flowering plant always has many more blooms.


  1. I'm constantly amazed at our planet!!

    You folks are getting ready for spring, while us folks here in Canada, will be starting to feel the Autumn weather, soon.... unfortunately.


    The only real BIG difference is that I believe our winter's are much more "extreme".... once again, unfortunately.


  2. You must have a lovely garden Miriam, I love all the native plants you have, and your fruit tree in full flower!! xo

  3. I love your plum tree. here it is at the end of summer and before you know it will be fall - I am looking forward to fall. I love fall and spring best.

  4. It's so lovely to see spring flowers when we are rapidly heading to the colder months. Isn't cyberland wonderful? LOl


  5. It is always funny to see someone talk about spring when it will be fall here soon. Your plants are beautiful and so is the fabric.

  6. Your garden is just lovely. I wish that I could see it in person.

  7. How wonderful to see signs of spring at the end of winter! We're having lots of hot weather here now and fall is just around the corner for us.

  8. Don't you just love Spring? The plum tree is wonderful...does it produce fruit?

    I think you should make a lovely floaty skirt from that wonderful silk chiffon.

    Okay, I'll ask...What is a "yum cha" lunch? hmmmm???

  9. oh I love that fabric , any way you can use it for a broderie perse style block in your quilt?
    looking forward to seeing more of your blocks :)