Friday, March 29, 2013

Lots of sewing

This post has plenty of WIP photos and one tiny finish! First the finish.

I finished a little pin cushion from my 12 projects in 12 months challenge.  It is from a Schnibbles pattern called Sweet Liberty - Tuffets. This one is machine pieced.

There are some delelctable mountain blocks peeking out of that tin. More about them later.

I have really only finished 2 projects so far, but I am well on the way with Oso. It has been pin basted now, so next is some machine quilting.

Now for some hand applique...

Here are all 8 of my completed Chester Criswell Quilt blocks.

I am really enjoying all the hand applique on these blocks. Today we received the pattern for the next block. :)

Lots more melons prepared to finish Jacob's Coat.

I have decided to take each of the completed blocks and applique them to a large piece of fabric, rather than join each of the circles as Kelly showed in her tutorial. Has anyone done their Joseph's Coat this way?

Two machine pieced scrappy blocks and 3 hand pieced hexagons.

These are my next batch of delectable mountain blocks.

I love the two blocks with the dark red fabric. I have 23 blocks finished now.

I am still playing with the flying geese blocks in previous posts. There are about 50 6 inch blocks, but I can't decide on the way I want to arrange them. I will probably make some more and have another play in a few days. :)

My plans for the next few days include some more hand applique and making a new knitting bag. I have had my current knitting bag for over 30 years, so I figure its time for a new one! Lol
The weather has finally cooled down here so its time to get the knitting needles out. :)

Have a happy and safe Easter.


  1. always fun to stop and see what your working on, you have been so busy and productive!
    Love that pincushion so cute! Ok the applique blocks are just so beautiful
    can't wait to see the next one!.
    Happy Easter!

  2. Beautiful work Miriam! You've been busy :)
    Happy Easter my friend!

  3. You're on a roll with your projects, it's inspiring me to get busy.
    I love the wee pincushion and all your blocks look wonderful.
    Funny that I was talking about the Joseph's coat today. Kelly never did put the last two tuts up. I'd love to see how your going to put them together.
    Happy hot cross bun day.

  4. Your pin cushion is so sweet!
    You have so many great projects going on it must be hard to figure out which to work on! Thanks for sharing your current projects.
    Happy Easter!!

  5. So, does that mean you didn't like making the scrappy trip blocks or the hand pieced hexagons? Or are you doing them as part of a group project? You've got some great projects going! Happy Easter!

  6. All of these wonderful projects look gorgeous. You always do such nice appliqué . I have those same scissors from Karen Kay Buckley. Aren't they wonderful!?

  7. I love all that you showed! i went to the link you had for the Joseph's Coat as I did mine a totally different way I was interested in seeing this method and will be interested to see how you do yours! hope you show photos along the way I will be watching.
    Happy Easter

  8. Ohh my you treat us with such wonderful work. Of course the appliqué - oh my! I wish I could come visit and have you show me have you do some of the more challenging areas... in my dreams, when my wrist is better... ;)

    (ps: Joseph's Coat melon's are beautiful!)

  9. Wow Miriam - so many lovely projects!! Your applique blocks look wonderful together and I'm loving those delectable mountain blocks :0)

  10. Have a wonderful Easter Miriam!
    It all looks sew lovely I don't know where to start. From the applique blocks to the prepped Jacob's Coat, you have your hans in a bit of everything and it's all wonderful!

  11. How did you prepare those melons? they look yummy (LOL)--no, weriously--did you use starch, glue, baste them?? Julierose

  12. Everything looks so wonderful Miriam, you obviously keep yourself very busy. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with using sticks and string :0)


  13. It looks like you will get 24 projects done rather than 12!
    Everything is looking so good. I love the way you have lots of different projects on the go. It keeps things interesting. The cool weather is makes knitting so much easier too.

  14. Your scrappy trip looks look great Miriam!! Yesterday morning was so cold it was perfect knitting weather! Hope you are having a wonderful Easter x

  15. Lovely post thanks! your Chester Criswell blocks are just so beautiful - am wishing I had started that too!
    Happy Easter :)

  16. So fun to see what you are up to. Really loving the Criswell quilt. Happy Easter to you!

  17. you've got nearly as many projects as me on the go! Your CCCQ blocks look fantastic together, I can't wait to see this one all together. Love your Delectable Mountains blocks too.

  18. You have the prettiest WIPs ever. Happy Easter and happy crafting.

  19. Lots of lovely projects. I never progressed with my JC blocks, but I think appliqueing is a better way to go. Have fun!

  20. Lovely assortment of projects!! I think rotating through them is the key ;-)
    Love your melons. I have two vintage quilts that are hand pieced. Love the mixed fabrics.

  21. Wow - you have been busy! Beautiful projects! I adore the Schnibbles tuffet!

  22. always such pretty things you work on.
    your applique blocks are stunning!