Saturday, April 6, 2013

Applique, mail and another finish

This week I have 3 applique blocks in various degrees of completion.

One finished....

This will be the second last complete block that I need for Joseph's Coat. Only one more of these to go then several half blocks and I will start appliquing each block onto a large piece of fabric.

I am about half way around CCCQ block 9, Eliza Whiteside's block.

The next block I haven't started stitching yet, but it is ready to go.

I have long admired the block Wanda  of  Scrap Happy Quilter, has on her blogger ID. (Look top right on Wanda's blog).  Wanda was kind enough to send me a file of the pattern!! I looove it!!

The applique suits a 15 inch block. I have set it on point so I can make a small quilt with room for some quilting around the applique.

There were 2 quilty packages in the mail this week.

First, the next issue of Quiltmania magazine.

Lots of great inspiration in this issue.

Speaking of inspiration, look at this.............

..woohoo!!! Di's book arrived!!!

My very first quilting lessons were with Di when she had her shop, Primarily Patchwork in Cantebury here in Melbourne. I consider myself  very lucky to have learned hand piecing, applique and quilting from Di.
As well as great information about each quilt, Di has inclued hints (such as fussy cutting) on how best to make your version of each quilt. There are patterns for 16 quilts in the book. Primarily Quilts is a wonderful book to add to any quilter's library.

I did finsh a couple more delectable mountain blocks this week, but I forgot to photograph them!

I finished my knitting bag.

I used a Lecien linen and three Bloomsbury Gardens prints from Liberty's Lifestyle Collection. The quilting is all straight line quilting.

Tonight we see the end of daylight saving, so we have an extra hour. I wonder if I can stay awake long enough to stitch for the extra hour!

Lastly a request.

A friend of mine, a very special lady, is very ill in hospital. Could you please spare a thought, or a prayer, for her. If everyone who reads this sends positive thoughts and prayers for her complete healing. it will help her gain the extra physical and emotional strength needed to get her well again.
Thank you!!!


  1. those are pretty colors in your Joseph's Coat quilt - love the red block in the other as well.

  2. Wow fabulous blocks Miriam and that book looks very interesting.

    I'm looking to make a knitting bag too (loved seeing that pretty yarn cake). I'm going to knit up a bag and then try my hand at felting. Gotta buy yarn first though :0)


  3. Best wishes to your friend. Hope she makes a speedy recovery. The knitting bag is very swish. I remember the Canterbury shop. It was lovely and in a lovely shopping area. It is a shame so many quilting shops are finding it hard to survive these days.

  4. Books and magazines keep us thinking about future projects, but we have to finish the ones in front of us now.
    Your appliqué is so beautifully done.
    Sending best wishes to your friend for a fast and full recovery.

  5. Lovely applique. Your bag is so pretty. said a prayer for your friend.

  6. You have been busy this week. Love the quilt on the cover of the book and the block from Wanda's blog.

  7. How clever to make Wanda's block into a mini quilt - I look forward to seeing that when it's finished. As per usual I love your CCCQ blocks. I hope your friend gets better soon.

  8. Miriam I am always in awe of all that you achieve, and at such a level of perfection! I cannot believe you are almost finished your Jacobs ladder blocks, i cannot wait to see them all. That book looks like a must buy, and yes, i will be praying for your friend, I do hope she gets better very quickly. xo

  9. Lovely applique indeed. Do you subscribe to Quiltmania? I often have difficulty finding it and have wondered about a subscription. A friend of mine is lusting after Di's book.

  10. your applique blocks looks wonderful. that new red one looks intricate. I miss having applique.
    The book and magazine look good, I'll have to look for them.
    Sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers.

  11. Your bag is beautiful. FYI I live in Chester County!