Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Australasian Quilt Convention and stitching.

Last week I visited AQC here in Melbourne.
Once again the quilts didn't disappoint, with quilts to see from Korea, South Africa, USA as well as Australia and New Zealand.
I don't know the makers, so I couldn't ask  permission to show photos of their quilts on my blog, but following are links to "official" photos of 2 of my favourite quilts.
The first quilt is by Rachelle Denneny and was the winner of the National Quilt Award. (Photo From Quilters Guild of NSW showing the winners of their 2012 Sydney quilt show) This quilt was quilted on a home domestic sewing machine!!! Amazing!!!
Another favourite was by Jenny Bowker, who won the Rajah Award for 2013. (photo from AQC website)

AQC was held at the Royal Exhibition Building. As well as looking at all the quilts and vendors at ground level I looked up and took some photos of the glorious architecture and decoration around the ceiling of the building.

One of the best parts of AQC is catching up with other bloggers. I had a lovely cuppa and chat with Deb and Maree.

I was lucky enough to run into (almost literally! Lol) some other bloggers too, including Sharon.

I did make some purchases.

I have been looking online at Quiltworx paper piecing patterns for some time, and I found one vendor selling their patterns at the show. It was a difficult decision as to which one to buy, but I finally settled on Dragon Star. It looks very intricate and I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew! Lol I do love a challenge, but this one won't happen till I get some other WIPs done.
I found some lovely Liberty fat eighths and a piece of fabric to back a quilt I will make with some Japanese fabric I bought last year.
I also bought this....

More than once I have had my ruler slip while using a rotary cutter and this product is put on the under side of your ruler to stop it slipping on the fabric. Has anyone had any experience with Clear Grip?

L'uccello was one of the first-time vendors this year. They had a tiny, but very cute stand. I made a (compulsory for me! :) Lol) visit to their shop on the way home and came out with some goodies.

Three beautiful fabrics! Even their bags are stunning!

On the stitching front I have been working on Oso. Lots and lots of practice FMQ on a scrap of fabric and batting first, before I started this...

I have a long way to go yet!

And Jacob's Coat...

Don't get too excited, the blocks are only pinned so far!! Lol

After my recent epiphany* I have been pinning all the completed blocks to a large piece of backgound fabric. Everything fitted together quite well, but there were a couple of blocks where I unpicked a melon or 2 and made "better" fabric choices. There is only one block I will remake completely. I am still working on some of the blocks at the paler end  of the quilt.
Overall, I am happy with how it is coming along.

* As you will know, Kaffe Fassett type fabrics are all very brightly coloured and there are very few paler fabrics. My idea in making this quilt is to grade my colours from deep, bright blues and greens, down to much lighter shades from one end to the other. I got to the point of having plenty of brighter fabrics, not many light ones and no idea how to continue until I waited until some more lighter fabrics came out in future ranges. I collected one or 2  and put them away with the blocks.
When I spread the completed blocks out again after having them in the cupboard for about 2 years it suddenly dawned on me that I could use the palest blocks I already had by shifting them to the end of the quilt and fill the gap with new blocks using mostly the next lightest fabrics which I already had! Why did it take me that long to realise it was all there already????

Lastly, an early morning rainbow out the back door earlier this week.

Thank you everyone for your kind and comforting words after my friend's passing.


  1. Your Jacob's Coat looks fabulous! :0)

  2. What a gorgeous exhibit hall. Amazing.
    How fun to meet up with other bloggers.
    Your JC looks wonderful.
    Pretty fabrics and rainbow too

  3. Two totally different yet equally stunning quilts. And to visit a quilt exhibit in a building a gorgeous as that? Well a good day for certain. Your Jacob's Coat is a real treasure.

  4. A rainbow to start the day. :) Great architecture. Love those photos. Followed the links - the whole cloth is stunning. Your epiphany re: the JC is proof that some quilts really do need time to rest, don't they? It's not a race and its so worth the wait.

    Doing great work with your FMQ!!!

  5. it looks like you did your Joseph's Coat very different from the way I did mine - you are appliqueing each piece to a large piece of fabric? In mine I hand pieced each piece of fabric in individual pieces - I haven't seen your way done.

  6. Oh Wow -- your Joseph's Coat is wonderful -- I love the blues and greens. And thanks for the links to the two winning quilts too -- they're beautiful!

  7. What a fun & gorgeous place to see quilts!!! Love your JC quilt top--the look is fantastic. Your mind was tackling the paler problem all this time!! Glad you are finishing it up. That wholecloth quilt is just awesome.

  8. Oooo lovin the Dragon Star!! I had to laugh at your mention of finally hitting on a solution to the Joseph's Coat. I usually get that kind of revelation while in the shower LOL.


  9. Your FMQ is coming along beautifully - I like the way you are highlighting the mountains there. I think I have some of the cleargrip (or another brand) - got it years ago and stuck it on the underside of my rulers - helps a lot to stop the slip.
    Your Jacob's Coat is absolutely stunning - just amazing sea of blue and one of my favourite patterns!Isn't it funny how ideas dawn on you late in a quilt progress that would have been very useful at the beginning ...happens to me so often..grrr!

  10. Such a beautiful building to have a quilt show in! Thanks for sharing the links. Sounds like a fun day. I love your purchases. I don't see fabric like you find around here. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. You're doing a grand job with the FMQ.
    Isn't it funny how an obvious solution can escape us. At least it finally came to you. I hate it when it comes to me AFTER I've finished a project. Jacob's Coat is a stunner!
    Sorry about the passing of your friend.

  11. I also love the Exhibition Buildings and over the years of visiting them, have often thought that we don't appreciate them enough when we come to the Quilt Show. Thank you for reminding me to look up!

  12. Cleargrip is the quilters invention of the century!! Stuck under all my rulers so I won't have to press them down too hard, better for the wrists hihihi!! Thanks so much for all those gorgeous photos!! Hugs, Daniëlle

  13. We did literally bump into each other but I couldn't find you again. Sounds like we all had an enjoyable day.

  14. beautiful rainbow something we always just have to stop and enjoy.
    love the new fabric purchases that bird fabric is to die for! OMG your jacob's coat is looking wonderful
    I love those fabrics/colors sooooo pretty. funny how the light bulb goes on sometimes doesn't' it and then we wonder why didn't we think of that before!
    the building is amazing I love taking pictures of architecture I find it so inspiring.