Monday, April 29, 2013

Oso is finished!

The last stitch in the binding was made last night! :)

Oso is a Schnibbles pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilt co.
For the main fabrics I used a layer cake of Wiscasset by Minick and Simpson and bought extra for the backing and binding. The background fabrics I already had in stash. I used a cotton batting.

This quilt was used as a practice for my machine quilting.

 Oooopps, I just spotted a block I missed!!!

I used a walking foot for the larger triangles and FMQ with a BSR for the smaller triangles. I am working my way up to switching off the BSR! :)

I did consider adding pebbling to the centres of the larger triangles.....maybe later.

Any constructive criticism warmly welcomed!

Now its back to more WIPs with lots of hand applique and a little more machine piecing on another quilt I am itching to finish! (After I complete that block I didn't see till I was posting the photos!Lol)

Have a great week. :)


  1. I think I have that pattern someplace! another idea

  2. Very pretty fabrics! Love the blues and reds together!

  3. Love the photos showing the quilting - you have done a wonderful job! It is a beautiful quilt.

  4. Beautiful colors and I admire your quilting. It looks terrific for this design. I wish I wanted to machine quilt more -- practice would help me. :o)

  5. Lovely Quilt & Design Your Quilting looks Great...

  6. I love it quilted just the way it is -- it's beautiful! I'm adopting the less is more view of quilting. I think we too often tend to quilt a quilt to within an inch of it's life, now that we're machine quilting and it doesn't take as long. Love those colors!

  7. I think it's lovely the way it is but you could just put some more lines in the large colored triangles or not.
    What do I know I am not too good at the quilting part.

  8. Your Oso is lovely Miriam and I certainly can't see anything that needs critiquing. Took me a minute to figure out what a BSR was, but what the heck do I know about machines LOL.


  9. Great job! Thanks for showing close ups. I love the blue, red and white combo. Makes me think of hot, lazy summers.

  10. Love the quilt! Your quilting looks perfect.

  11. oh, so pretty. congrats on your finish.

  12. Your machine quilting is wonderful. I do love the fabrics you selected. I have a few charm packs of that tucked away somewhere and need to dig them out. Very pretty.