Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog changes.

I am in the process of making a few changes to my blog.

The first, and most obvious, is the change from pink to green for my background. Now, I'm not too sure about this shade of green (green is my favourite colour!) and I may change to white instead. Does anyone have difficulty reading my blog with a coloured background, or have an opinion on background colour?

Secondly I have removed word verification for comments. After reading these two posts and experiencing myself the new 2 word verification by blogger (at least one of the words is difficult to decipher!) I decided to try turning off  word verification. Last time I did this I was hit by spam, but I believe Blogger now has better spam filters.
Thank you to everyone who has left a comment on my blog in the past and battled with the word verification!

If you want to turn off word verification on your blog, in your Dashboard click on settings. Below settings click on the comments tab and scroll down to "Show word verification for comments?"  Click on "no", then scroll down and click on save settings.

Lastly I have started adding labels to my posts. So far I have done all the posts for this year. I am not sure if editing each post individually will result in a whole new post appearing in everyone's readers. Please let me know if you have got multiple posts from me in the last few hours!

I have also got the link to work on the Hari-Kuyo Needlebook button. Thank you Susan!! :)

I can't have a post without a photo, so here is my one little house finished in the last couple of days.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I only got your last post. The soft green is lovely but then I like green too. I don't think I have ever bothered with verification and don't get spam. I tried to post on another blog the other day and wrote about 20 words in before I gave up. I hope they change it for those that want it.

  2. Thanks for turning that pesky word verification off!!!! One other tip I read to help with the spam is to shut comments off for posts over 2 weeks old (assuming blogger will let you do that). I had to turn my spam filter off because it was periodically shutting my comments off completely. So, now I get a bit of spam, but it's only occasionally on my current post. I just go in and delete them. Love that red house (and the green background -- not hard to read at all!)

  3. thank you! i have had such a problem the last couple days leaving comments on peoples blogs because of that two word verification thing! I have trouble reading the first word almost all the time.

    I can read your blog fine with the green background - when a blog has a black background is when I find it really hard to read and normally do not come back to it.

  4. I like the soft green. I need to change the white on my blog, as I think the white is too hard on the eyes.

    I don't have word verification, but I read somewhere if you go into "settings" than "comments" than to "comment moderation" and set at 14 days, you shouldn't have any problems with spam. I haven't. Hope that helps too.

    blessings, jilly

  5. I like the background color, it is easy to read!! Goes well with the roses in your borders. Another little house block & stitched so nicely!!

  6. the green is fine
    Love your latest house blocks, oh those turkey reds just make me smile :)
    have a great weekend

  7. I also removed word verification. I love your little house !

  8. No problems with the background. I turned my verification off too. Cute little red house.

  9. I love the look of your blog and don't have trouble reading on the colored background.
    The word verification is a nuisance. I'm having trouble finding the setting to make sure mine is off - must remember to ask my DH for help. Sometimes the simple things totally throw me!
    No, I haven't received multiple posts from you. I often go back and edit a post when I notice, despite reading and rereading, that I've made a mistake.
    Another sweet house!

  10. The new word verification is a pain as it's difficult to read one of them. I do find some colored backgrounds difficult on the eyes -- especially darker colors. I find lighter backgrounds and darker text easier to read. Very sweet house.

  11. I think your green background is fine. It's a nice light color so it's still easy to read the text. Love your little house! :0)

  12. Green is not my favourite colour but I really like it as your background and it is very easy to read. Well done!

  13. I almost missed this post! I love the green background .. easy to read. I don't like word verification but it never turns me away. I sometimes have to type the words in twice :)
    I love your little house. I have yet to try one!

  14. your blog looks great - I like the green.
    thanks for turning off word ver.
    it's a drag!!
    cute little red house!

  15. Your green background is good for me. And I do so dislike that work verification. In the last month, the words are so difficult to read. I have mine off and have had no problem with it ever since I turned it off several months back. I haven't fallen for making those little house yet, but yours is a cute one.