Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blogger's BOM and lots more.

 Here are my 2 blocks for January's Blogger's Block of the Month.

 January's blocks were designed by John Adams of Quilt Dad blog. John's great instructions make this block quick and easy to make.

In my last post I showed some fabric designed by Petra Prins. On the left in the photo below you can see the other pieces I bought from the Josephine range

The fabrics on the right are Andover fabrics and are from the Winterthur John Hewson collection.
I plan to combine all those fabrics (and a few more) and make a version of the quilt below. I will use one of the Winterthur panels for the centre.

The first time I saw any Dancing Dollies was on Lurline's blog. Look at Lurline's blog header. I loved the look of those dollies, but at that time I had no idea about the Dancing Dollies quilt. (Lurline's blog was the very first blog I ever saw)
It will be a while before I start this quilt......there are one or two more I already have on the go. :)

Lots of cutting has been happening for Trailing Vines.

Strips of fabric..

...sewn together ready to cut out the pieced leaves.

So far I have only 2 branches of freezer paper leaf templates prepared. Lots more cutting to go!!

I finished the embroidery on the Friends of Baltimore block.

I added beads to some of the flowers on my first block. I still haven't decided whether to add them this time,so I am calling this one finished....for the moment!!

My thoughts are with a couple of friends who are battling severe illness.


  1. Your projects are all lovely and you are surrounded by gorgeous fabrics.

  2. Always such lovely photos on your blog.
    I sure do admire the quilt projects you take on. You have such patience. When I see what you do I think to my self, "I would never get that quilt done in my lifetime." but you do.
    It is amazing. Well done!

  3. Great Job!! on your blogger BOM!! Love them. Are you making two different quilts? Hugs

  4. I like the BOM and I love the Dollies pattern on Lurline's blog! I didn't know there was a pattern. Your Baltimore block os GORGEOUS!! You are so talented!
    Prayers for your friends.

  5. what a fun and busy post! Your stradas for the trailing vines look great. You Baltimore block is so lovely too
    Sorry to hear about your friends, hope they are doing better soon.

  6. The Dancing Dollies quilt looks like a wonderful project. I've often admired it on Lurline's blog.
    Your stip pieced fabric for the leaves looks great - that should speed up your leaf prep.
    The embroidery on the harp block is lovely - as is your yellow rose :0)

  7. Wow, you have been a busy stitcher.
    FOB block is a beauty - I love Sue's designs.
    Dancing Dollies is oh so tempting too...

  8. I'm excited about the next blogger BOM. Great fabrics you've chosen. I love that dollie quilt.

  9. Prayers for your friends hoping all goes well.
    Your applique block...well, it's just gorgeous! I can never see me taking on one so detailed.

  10. At Appique group at Castlemaine on Saturday the lady from Buddy and me had a beautiful dancing dollies quilt which I have seen on her blog but it was good to see it in person so much work.

  11. Super cute designs. I like your project so much.