Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friends of Baltimore progress.

At last I have finished the applique for this Friends of Baltimore block! I started this block many moths ago. Now for all the embellishment.

I have already decided which block I will be making next. This one won't have any flowers on it!
I found the tiny pieces something of a challenge to stitch, the reverse applique flowers were OK to make, but for some reason, I had a problem with those 3 red flowers with the petals layered one over the other!! I left 2 of them as the last pieces I appliqued!

I only managed 3 little houses this week. Another Rouenneries house and 2 others.

The fabric the house blocks are lying on is from a new fabric collection called Josephine by Petra Prins. There is a blue colourway for this design too. In my next post I will show the other prints I have....and the quilt they are intended for. :)

I have made some small progress with Trailing Vines and should have some photos to share in my next post too.

Lastly, it has been a while since I showed photos from my garden.......

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. Your harp block looks wonderful. I'm trying to decide whether I do the new pattern with wool felted?

  2. Love both projects and of course I love your pretty flowers!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. As usual, you've given us a lot to look at, Miriam. Your Baltimore block is amazing! I love looking at your little houses, and it's nice to see the flowers in the middle of our winter.

  4. Such a pretty garden and I quite enjoy you're houses. So very homey. :) Your Baltimore Album block is truly amazing. Since I'm in the middle of class right now I have more of a sense for how difficult this work is. I think you did a fantastic job and my joy to you for a job well done. I smile your way my friend. I'm amazed!

  5. Your Baltimore Block is Just Beautiful..can see the Challenge in those tiny flowers..

  6. love the flowers = you sure put a lot of work into that block - beautiful work!!
    I am looking forward to my flowers soon, I have early daffodils so it is nice to see at least one flower in my yard - more plants coming up to, mild winter here this year.

  7. Your applique blocks are coming together beautifully!!! and I love your tiny houses. Just to cute. Hugs

  8. I love your little houses! And your flowers are beautiful to see on a cold and snowy day here in Ohio! Thanks for sharing them! :0)

  9. That appliqué is stunning. The houses are super cute!

  10. WOW! Your block is beautiful, so much work! Your little houses are cute and I am looking forward to seeing more of the dutch fabric.

  11. your block is just soooo beautiful.
    cute little houses too!
    you have been busy!

  12. What awesome projects! I'm still so smitten with those little houses!!!

  13. What gorgeous applique!! I have trouble with flowers with petals like that too. Yours look perfection!! I can't wait to see your trailing vines progress.
    Your flowers are SO lovely. Your little houses are marvelous. How many have you made altogether?

  14. Your block is lovely - looking forward to seeing the embellishments.
    Love the garden photos - especially since we are all brown here in NJ
    the houses are so sweet, love the colors.

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