Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday again

I haven't dome much sewing this week, but I did finish one more hexi flower and one more Morrell block.

Only 7 more Morrell blocks to go, then the border.

Below will be my next quilt when the Morrell Quilt is finished. It is the Roseville Album quilt, by Kim McLean. I have all my fabrics now, so I am ready to start. Very tempting!!! It is taking quite a bit of self discipline to keep on with finishing my Morrell quilt. I am a very good starter, and not such a good finisher!! lol!

I have put a badge at the top of my blog's sidebar that leads to the Glorious Applique blog. Glorious Applique is a blog dedicated to quilts designed my Kim McLean. Lots of wonderful, inspiring creations to see there!

Spring brings lots of native flowers in the garden. Below is a bottlebrush. (Callistemon) We have 3 bottlebrush trees in our garden and 2 of them are full of flowers. The flowers bring lots of birds.

He is quite hard to see, but if you click on the photo below you will see a bird in the centre of the photo. He had 5 friends in the garden this afternoon. It can get quite noisy when there are a few birds!!

I don't know what kind of bird he is. Does anyone else know????
(Thank you to Chookyblue and an anonymous commenter. The bird is an Indian Myna bird. They are quite noisy and can be aggressive to other birds. He is not native to Australia)

Next are several shots of rainbow lorikeets. They are much less tame than the parrots I showed last week. It took a few goes before I could get photographs. They kept flying away as soon as I got close enough to get a shot. I managed to get 2 birds in a couple of the photos. They love the nectar in the flowers.

Thank you to all my new visitors and thank you for leaving comments Every one is appreciated! :)

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have been busy....

On Saturday I went to a machine applique class with Mariya Waters. Today I finish the piece we started on the day. Mariya is a great teacher and an extremely talented quilt maker. A couple of months ago I went to a machine quilting class with her and I am looking forward to the second machine quilting class with Mariya in a few weeks time.

I finished another Tail Feathers block. There is one more waiting to be started.

A couple more Morrell blocks finished! :)

On Sunday I went to Quilts in the Barn. Linda holds an annual exhibition of quilts in her barn. The exhibition raises money for breast cancer research. This year Linda invited Di Ford and the Secret Sewing Sisterhood quilters to exhibit their quilts. I have been aware of the exhibition for the last 3 years, but I had never been before. This year I had to go! I learnt to quilt with Di at her shop.
There were around 90 quilts to see, new people to meet, fabric and patterns to buy and lots of inspiration! Linda has some photos on her blog and will have many more soon.

I have another of Di's quilts on my list to make. I hope to start Hommage to Sallie Ann before the end of the year. I plan to use William Morris fabrics and I have started collecting.

Another couple of dresden plate blocks are finished. Now to decide on a background fabric.

We had a friend from overseas visiting us for a few weeks. Late last week we took him around the hills in our area and we found these Crimson Rosellas. They let us get close enough to get some photos.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


One more hexie flower this week.

Below are the most recent completed Morrell blocks together...

......and one more I don't think has been on the blog yet..

Only about 10 blocks to go now! :)

This wonderful collection of fabric arrived in the mail today. It is a fat quarter pack of Olde World Style designed by Monique Dillard (Open Gate Quilts blog) for Maywood Studio. I first saw this fabric in a post by Carrie of La Vie En Rosie.

I have plans to make a bag with some of this fabric. There will be plenty left to make another quilt too.

Thank you to everyone who visits my blog and especially to everyone who leaves a comment. I try to reply to each and every comment, however there have been a few people recently who have been "no reply". I would love to be able to reply to everyone and visit your blogs (if you have one).

My favourite azalea; Gretel.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Morrell blocks

Three more Morrell blocks completed.

One pieced, one appliqued and one broderie perse.

The first block has quite a few flying geese units. I haven't made many flying geese before. I think they will look better the next time I make them. There is a block coming up with even more flying geese so I hope they will look at bit more uniform.

I have ordered the background for my Roseville Album quilt. I chose a Kaffe spot. The colour is called water and is a pale green. Green is my favourite colour!

On Friday I spent the afternoon sewing with my DD. We sewed hundreds of beads and crystals on some bridesmaid dresses. Slow work, but very relaxing.

My Dresden plates are coming along.

I finished another one after I took that photo, so there are 6 now. I plan to make 12, then applique them to a very light coloured fabric and sash with the stronger colours. I am still deciding whether to use corner stones and whether to set the blocks on point. Its fun not following a pattern and making my own decisions as I go along.

I will get back to Tail Feathers and Jacobs Coat in the next few days.

Hmmmm....I may have a few too many projects going on at the same time! lol

It was a beautiful sunny, warm day here today. I spent a few hours in the garden this afternoon. A perfect day for the first day of Day Light Saving. The sun is just setting now and it is still warm outside. Spring has arrived! :)