Thursday, November 15, 2012

Next Criswell Quilt block, More Boutis and a win

I have finished Block 4 (Nancy Smith's block) of the Chester Country Criswell Quilt.

Here are a few progress photos...

..and a bit closer..

I have had a bit of a play with some different threads for my little boutis project.

First I tried DMC Perle 5, then a 4ply and an 8 ply cotton/acrylic mix and lastly a worsted cotton thread made in USA which was marked 4 ply, but would be equivalent to approximately a 12 ply.

In the photo above I have placed each thread next to the leaves I stuffed. The centre circle and the bottom left leaf are stuffed using the Perle 5. That thread was much too fine and gave no "puffiness" to the shapes. The leaf on the top right has 4 ply. It looks better than the Perle 5, but still not puffy enough. The top right leaves have 8 ply. I think they look much better!  Lastly the bottom left leaves are stuffed using Lily Sugar and Cream; a thread made in USA. I found a shop in Queensland that stocks this yarn. These leaves are really puffy!  The fabric I am using hasn't got a loose weave so the bulk in the eye of the needle made is more difficult to pull the threads through with this yarn.
Thank you to Heather who has given me lots of hints!!:)

Recently I entered an Aurifil thread giveaway on Kelly's blog. I was one of the lucky winners!

The pink and orange are perfect for that fabric from my stash!!   Thank you Kelly!

I'm still working on a couple of those "secret sewing" projects. :)

Lastly photos from the garden.

Our Kiwi fruit plant is covered in flowers at the moment. The flowers have a perfume that seems to get stronger after dark.

Have a great week!