Saturday, September 13, 2014

I think he likes it!!!!

I finished an alphabet wall hanging for my Grandson this week. He is enchanted with all the bright colours. I bought the panel a few months ago and simply used a cotton batting, machine quilted it around each square and bound it with a red and white spot.

This morning I started quilting his boat quilt.

 I have been playing around with choosing patterns and fabrics for my next project/s!!!

I have had these patterns for a little while now, waiting for the right fabrics to come along. I won't be starting them for a while, but its is always fun to play with putting fabrics and colours together.

I haven't been ignoring my reproduction fabrics.

This week I also finished the next CCCQ block.

Block 24 Alice Richmond.

The oak leaf and reel pattern is one of the very first patterns I appliqued and it is still a favourite of mine.

After looking at some photos I took of my lone star progress I decided I wasn't happy with the colour layout. Over the last couple of weeks I have asked for opinions and played with fabric arrangements until I was happy.
This is what my lone star looks like now....

I have taken out both dark green fabrics and replaced the pink points with red.

This month's Noah and Matilda blocks are coming along. No stitching yet, but I have made all the templates and chosen the fabrics.

I am attempting to find more sewing time by spending less time on the computer.  However, I am missing the interaction with other bloggers.  Does anyone else use Instagram? (I am mjnorindr if you would like to look for me) I have found several bloggers on Instagram and I found it much quicker to post and comment than on blogs.

Spring is here in Melbourne. The weather is warmer and the days are getting longer.

Have a great weekend everyone!