Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friends of Baltimore progress

Block one is growing:

There are a few more leaves, stems and some flowers to add yet....and of course the eagle's other foot!

Since I last posted I have finished 4 more blocks for the Civil War quilt:

I think the bottom 2 are my favourite so far. I am slowly catching up.

I have been working on the border for my Morrell quilt too. I now have the four corners and 2 1/2 sides hand stitched together:

Two blogs that are inspiring me at the moment are here and here. Some great things on both blogs and some great projects coming up.

I am experiencing a small problem with blogger; one that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else. Whenever I visit my blog, instead of staying at the top with the header at the top of the screen, the cursor immediately goes down to the middle of the page! I need to scroll back up to see the top of the page. Does this happen to anyone else who visits my blog?? Does anyone have any idea why blogger wants to start half way down my page? Any solutions?  Help!

A great birthday card I received from my sister recently. .....entirely appropriate for a quilter! :)
Thank you Missy!
Cathy has a link to a blog with a proposed quiltalong for a similar quilt.

Happy sewing everyone.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friends of Baltimore Block 1....progress...

I have finally got to the stitching part of the first block of Sue Garman's Friends of Baltimore

Last week I made the flag....

There will be stars added to the flag later.

For placement I used transparencies for the first time. I took the pattern sheets to Officeworks and had them photocopied onto overhead transparencies, I tried printing with our home printer and then also tracing with a pigma micron pen, but in both cases the printing rubbed off.
So far I have found using transparencies works well.

I started to applique with freezer paper templates on top. I found the freezer paper lifted when sewing small pieces (thank you Crispy for all your hints!) I traced around each FP template and cut each out with a narrow seam allowance and removed the freezer paper. I stitched with needleturn and used matching YLI silk thread on most pieces.

Today I prepared the eagle's wings and body. Instead of appliqueing all those tiny gold ovals I decided to reverse applique them. The largest ovals are about 2 cm ( about 3/4 inch) long.
The original eagle is blue, as seems to be the tradition with many BA quilts. I decided to make my eagle brown.

Tonight I started to applique the eagle. Here is as far as I have sewn...

Next will be the rest of the eagle,and leaves and flowers.

Click here to see a photo of the Friends of Baltimore quilt on Sue Garman's blog. Sue is still hand quilting the quilt.

Today I have also been enjoying the perfume of my jonquils.

To see the other projects I have been working on see my previous post....


Everything is progressing slowly, but progressing nonetheless!

Yesterday I finished the last block of Tailfeathers. Here they are all together.

I now have to sew them together, make several borders and the four corner blocks.

Over the weekend I completed 2 more of Barbara Brackman's civil war blocks.
Here are the 16 blocks I have completed so far...

I have also been working on my first Friends of Baltimore block. Today I plan to do some (tiny!!) reverse applique. I will post some photos later today.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Grace finished, a meeting and more

I finished quilting Little Grace late last week. The quilt is only 34cm by 42 cm (about 13 inches by 16.5 inches), but it is hand pieced and hand quilted. The pattern is by Jeanneke. Thank you Jeanneke for choosing me as the winner of this pattern and the printed fabric to make this doll quilt.

Recently I had the pleasure of spending a morning with Cathy of Cabbage Quilts. We visited a plant nursery and cafe and took a look around before we had coffee together.

We found some quilt inspiration....

...a wonderful pergola made from metal. There are some more photos on Cathy's blog.

I still catching up with my Barbara Brackman Civil War blocks. I finished two more this weekend.

 Block 23 Illinois Roads in the most recent block, and below is block 12 Louisiana.

I have also been cutting out triangles for the border of my Morrell Quilt.

I still have a few more background fabric triangles to cut out....then lots of stitching. :)

I hope for my next post I will have photos of some progress on my first Friends of Baltimore block.

Happy Sewing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catching up.

During the last couple of weeks I have been working on several projects and trying to catch up.

I have finished 2 more of  Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt blocks.

I have finished one more Tailfeathers Block.

I have been working steadily on hand quilting Little Grace.
 Here are some progress photos from this afternoon..

I finally finished the quilting tonight. :)  I will take a photo in the morning, when the light is better.

I started my first Friends of Baltimore block. There is lots of preparation work before any sewing starts. The first pieces I prepared were the stems. I have never made stems as small as 1/8" wide before!!
I tried a technique I read about recently where, as the fabric is passed under a pin both sides fold towards the centre. You iron the stem as you pull it through the gap under the pin. It worked well.

The pattern has lots of tiny (for me) pieces to be appliqued. I got out my copy of Applique 12 Easy Ways by Elly Sienkiewicz and prepared a small block with practice pieces. I have started with trying applique with freezer paper on top....another new to me technique.

Those leaves and stems are going to be a challenge!

I have all the freezer paper templates prepared and ironed on to my chosen fabrics. The next step will be to make some circles. Hopefully, nest week I will have something stitched on my first block.

I found a relatively new blog during the week. This blog is dedicated to a challenge to make a quilt to commemorate 200 years since the 1812 war in USA. I don't plan to take part in the challenge, but there are some wonderful old quilts shown on the blog.

I will be back soon with more photos.

Enjoy the rest of your week. Happy sewing! :)